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The internet is ripe with information about psoriasis and other conditions that affect the skin.

Sometimes, it can get to be a little too much. Perhaps it leaves you feeling like you are trapped in an internet browser with too many tabs open. Meanwhile, you have questions:

  • What is the latest research?
  • Are there any new approvals to relieve symptoms?
  • Are there other people like me out there?
  • Does anybody truly understand the dreaded itch and pain? is home to countless articles written by:

We also offer a place to vent your concerns in our forums, and much more. But maybe you are tired of browsing all day? If only there were some other way to get weekly highlights from all of our daily published articles.

The good news is you do not need to do any strenuous research. We have done it for you by curating content that matters to you.

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At the bottom of each newsletter, we offer a chance to read community-member-submitted stories. Community members are people like you who come to our site and interact with other members!

We are always accepting stories from you! If you are interested, tell us about your diagnosis journey, how you found a routine that works for you, or anything psoriasis-related. And if you are not ready, that is OK. You can catch up on others’ stories on our website at any time.


We try to keep things interesting by engaging you with a poll in each newsletter. It usually relates to diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, or related conditions.

You do not have to participate, but we love it when you do! It lets us know a little bit more about your experience living with psoriasis so we can create more content that fits your needs.

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Same great community, a whole new look!

Our community got a makeover! You can now ask questions, submit thoughts, and share images all in 1 place!

We encourage you to upload a profile picture and answer additional questions about how psoriasis affects your life. This new experience allows us to tailor more articles specifically for you!

We hope this allows for a more personalized experience and presents an easy opportunity to connect with others who also live with psoriatic disease. Those with psoriasis know – there is power in community and validation in numbers.

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