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Down Days

Having psoriasis is a challenging condition to live with. It has medical implications and it also has the mental implications as well. Many of us take a handful of pills on any given day to combat psoriasis and the comorbidities that come along with it. It seems like a never-ending cycle that we are on. In my case that would be having high blood pressure, high cholesterol and anxiety issues. All three are treated with medication to keep them under control. Doctors prescribe, we take, and the wheel goes round and round. But what about the days where you just do not feel good, but you can not point the finger to any one thing bothering you. These I call my down days. Nothing particular is wrong but nothing particular is right. The wheel keeps going around in a vicious circle never seeming to end.

Good days with psoriasis

We all have our good days. These are the days where we feel like we can accomplish almost anything. We feel good enough to work in the yard or maybe even clean the house from top to bottom. Lord knows mine needs it but I digress. It is these good days that we tend to overdo whatever it is that we feel like doing since our bodies feel okay. Herein lies part of the problem. We start doing whatever project but we tend to overdo it. At least in my case, I can say that is true most times. I will get outside and work in my flower garden which I love doing or start doing something else that requires physical movement. I work on it the majority of the day. I do take breaks so I give my body time to rest but it's never enough.

Dealing with down days with psoriasis

It makes me feel good to be able to do the things I want to do. I feel so much better because I see it needs to be done, but my body will not let me do it. So when it is a good day I am gun-ho. The problem with the good days is that it is usually followed by a down day. I wake up to the problem I described earlier. Not feeling right but not being able to pinpoint the issue of why I feel like I do. I do not have the energy to do anything. All I can do is sit in my recliner or stay in the bed feeling bad. It makes it hard to adjust when you have good days and bad. I do try hard to listen to my body. In my mind, its a constant thought of the need to do, but I can't do.

Finding ways to cope and stay mentally strong

As I said it is hard to deal with psoriasis. All the emotional baggage that comes with it along with the medical baggage makes it tough. It literally has taken me years to get to the mental state that I am now. A state of being able to cope and not feel like psoriasis is a huge curse. When I have those down days I try to focus on things that make me mentally stronger. I let my body get the rest it needs. This is the time where I will read a book or watch a movie that mentally speaks to me. I have learned different techniques throughout the years. I am positive that you have too.

Your suggestions matter

I would like to hear about your techniques of coping with down days. Do you listen to music as I do? Do you find comfort in watching movies? What about reading a book? It is through others like yourself that share what works that helps us to be able to cope with those down days. Any suggestion you give might make a world of difference to someone that is dealing with a day that is just not good. My hope is that I have said something in this article that everyone can relate to. It is also my hope that any suggestions you give will help me or someone else. Any suggestion to make a down day better in any form is always a great thing.

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