Understanding COVID-19 with the Psoriasis Community

Having psoriasis can put us at risk for additional medical conditions, including COVID-19. Just trying a new medication to treat psoriasis is stressful enough. At least I know it is for me. I have had some medicines that caused problems with side effects and some that caused no problem at all.

Worried about my community

With all the news about COVID-19 and treatments, I wondered how worried people may be. I posed this question on a social media group that I am a member of to get some input. As you can imagine the responses were split right down the middle.

Talk to your doctor

Half of the respondents said they would take the vaccine when it becomes available. Because of our immune systems being compromised, these community members felt the necessity to take it. Others said they would talk to their doctor about it.

This is actually a really good thing to do. Have that conversation with your doctor before you decide for or against it. Seeing as every psoriasis case is different your doctor is the best person to talk to. Given your medical history, your doctor can make a proper decision with you.

Too quickly?

The other half of the respondents said they would not take the vaccine. For most, it was the fact that the vaccines were created too quickly. The others that responded said it was the fact that there is no long-term data on what the vaccines will do.

It makes me wonder why a vaccine for this has come so fast while there are other medical conditions that are lacking a vaccine. I was reminded by a friend that psoriasis is not a virus, it cannot be cured with a vaccine. It does make me hopeful however that one day a cure can be found for psoriasis as well.

Are you indecisive?

Do you agree with the first half that says they will take it? If the doctor gives his approval, does that help you to decide? Are you like the other half?

Are you still indecisive about whether or not you will take the vaccine? I do not blame you. There really is a lot to consider when it comes to a possible treatment.

Please share your thoughts

I truly have to admit that I am in the undecided category. I can see the reasoning behind both arguments. There is even a past clinical trial that I was a part of years ago. But somehow this feels so much different. The clinical trial was for the treatment of psoriasis. Maybe it is the fact that this is not a trial.

This is an actual vaccine. I have already gotten my flu shot for this season so why should I be divided over a new treatment? There surely had to be people who were worried about a new vaccine given other pandemics. Please share your thoughts.

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