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Community Views: Daily Life Management

Having psoriasis can negatively influence the big and small decisions you make. It can be tough living with plaque psoriasis and managing the day-to-day. Tasks or moments of daily life that are simple for most people can be painful with psoriasis.

Understanding daily life with psoriasis

Psoriasis can lead to all kinds of loss, from missing out on job opportunities to avoiding basic social interactions. To find out more about what the community struggles with most in daily life, we reached out on the PlaquePsoriasis.com Facebook page and said to community members, “Tell us what daily life looks like as someone who lives with psoriasis.”

More than a dozen community members shared. Here is what was said:

It feels like being on fire

Several people shared that the burning of plaque psoriasis feels like your skin is on fire. There is often little or no relief from this kind of intense pain.

“Like being in the middle of the forest that is on fire and there is no way out.”


Not knowing what it was

For some, the journey with plaque psoriasis begins long before someone knows this disease has a name. It is a condition that is often misdiagnosed, which leads to much longer periods passing before someone finds any help.

“It did not help that I thought I had poison ivy for 2 weeks before I went to a dermatologist.”

Wearing clothes can be painful

Because plaque psoriasis irritates the skin so much, it can hurt to wear certain types of clothes. Jeans, items with tight elastic bands, anything scratchy – the list goes on. Many find that loose-fitting cotton or linen clothes can help. Breathable fabrics offer the most relief. For some, silk can be a good option.

“Wearing clothes hurts.”

I need to use special shampoo

For many living with plaque psoriasis, the scalp is an especially sensitive area that requires special treatment. Sometimes the solution is to use special shampoos. Other times, the solution is to wash the hair as little as possible.

“Not using regular tap water to bathe. I also must be careful to choose shampoos and lotions that alleviate the pain.”

Dealing with negative attention

One of the toughest parts of plaque psoriasis is that it is often visible, and strangers and even friends and coworkers can make snap judgments that are not true. Some community members have shared that people have asked whether or feared that their skin condition was contagious. It is not. But, being subjected to the negative, unkind reactions of others can be hard to cope with.

“Feeling like I have hideous skin.”

Feeling alone in dealing with this

A handful of community members shared that they feel alone in their struggles with plaque psoriasis. It can be a challenge to find others locally who are dealing with the same issues and can relate to the same things. For some, it helps to connect online at a place like PlaquePsoriasis.com to be able to vent, as well as to find solutions and connection.

“I feel alone sometimes.”

Thank you!

When you live with psoriasis, it’s important to inform yourself about what to include and avoid in your daily routine. Managing psoriasis can be tricky and will take some trial and error. But if you keep track of your triggers and treatments, you’ll eventually find a routine that works for you.

We want to say thank you to everyone who shared for this story. We are grateful for every member who is a part of our community.

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