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Is It Dandruff Or Scalp Psoriasis?

When I was a child in school, I was picked on a lot for having white flakes in my hair. I have always had dark brown hair, almost on the verge of being black in color. What I thought was that I had a really bad case of dandruff.

I cannot remember if I had sores in my head because honestly, it was years ago, and I simply do not remember. The thing I do remember is being picked on by mean kids who thought I, in their estimation, was a freak. At times it would make school almost unbearable for me. I remember my mom brushing my hair repeatedly after I had washed it trying to get the flakes out. Nothing she tried ever seemed to help the mounds of flakes I would have in my hair.

Could it have been scalp psoriasis?

Now I am in my 50’s. I have learned so much about scalp psoriasis along with learning about the other forms of psoriasis as well. I think back on those years of being tormented in school and being so embarrassed at what the kids were saying. Would it make a difference to them if they knew it was scalp psoriasis? Probably not. However, it might have made a difference to me to keep telling myself they don’t understand.

Of course, I will never know that since I didn’t have psoriasis at the time I was in school or at least not that diagnosed at the time. The one thing my mother never did was take me to a doctor to try to find a solution. But then again, would a doctor back then even know what scalp psoriasis is? We are talking about the 1970’s and 80’s.

Knowledge is key

Now that I am older, I don’t get the flakes like I used to. I do, however, get the sores that come and go on my scalp. So, it’s very probable that all those years ago the dandruff was indeed scalp psoriasis. My mother had long divorced my dad at that point. She never knew that he had psoriasis until after I found him and learned of his psoriasis. I learned that my psoriasis was genetically passed on from him to me. Knowledge is key even if it comes years down the line.

I don’t think I will ever get over the bullying I had to endure in school. I don’t think I will ever forget the stares, points and comments people have said to me living this journey of psoriasis. Endurance is the key and while I have endured quite a bit, I do believe there will be more to endure in the future. Until psoriasis becomes a household word without all the stigma attached to it, then I am sure situations like this will happen to others as well.

My only suggestion is that if you have a history of psoriasis anywhere in your family and have dandruff you might want to consider the fact that it could be scalp psoriasis.

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