A hand with plaque psoriasis is extended to receive a flower from a hand without plaque psoriasis.

Dating with Psoriasis

Oh my goodness, you guys. Dating on any given day is something that I already find rather intimidating. Putting your best foot forward while also trying to remain who you are - it's nerve-wracking.

Getting to know someone and wondering at first, if you are enough. Waiting for the follow-up text or call. I'm undone at the seams just thinking about it. That said - when you level it up and add psoriasis to this concoction. Woo! Lawdy Miss Clawdy.

Online dating

A lot of dating these days is online. It is a result of the technological era we live in. With current COVID-19 restrictions, my observation is that it's become even more popular.

When it comes to online profiles, I am usually fairly upfront about my psoriasis so that the person can do their own research. Even though I am still upfront, it is something that still leaves me reeling before we meet.

See the thing is, that if we met in person before speaking online. They would have seen it with their own eyes. I would have known that they did too. I would not be feeling all uncertain as to if they will be okay with it.

Meeting in remission

Sometimes you might meet someone while you are in remission - or even just not in flare. This could mean a very different version of you. It's not because you are not true to who you are - it's simply because being in remission is so much easier than being in a flare.

This can make it rather challenging. I am still learning how to handle this.

Longing for acceptance

Since I was diagnosed with psoriasis, my mantra has always been: If someone judges me for my skin. If someone judges me for my psoriasis - then they are not the kind of people with who I want to be involved with anyway.

It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Turns out - when you meet someone, you can end up wishing and sharing even out loud that - this person please accept you. When acceptance happens, everything else is so lovely.

People will surprise you

If you are struggling to put yourself out there and you feel like your skin and all the complications are “too much” for anyone to want to get involved.

I'm here to tell you, you might be wrong. People will surprise you. There are some really good people out there. Be brave, you are so worth it and so deserving of happiness. Find it within yourself and then go out there and share it with the world.

Stay true to who you are, do not lower your expectations of what you want from the dating world. Be honest about your skin, be kind, to them and to yourself. You are wonderful, just the way you are. Spots and all.

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