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A Day In The Life: Managing Psoriasis Triggers

We know that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition. When living with an autoimmune condition, it's important to be mindful of what may turn our immune system against us - in short, be mindful and adjust your lifestyle to avoid triggering your disease.

Tips for managing psoriasis triggers throughout the year

When psoriasis is triggered, we're left with increased symptoms and a lot of discomfort (not to mention the emotional toll not too far behind). To avoid all that, managing triggers play a significant role in improving life with this condition.

Spring is in the air, and the impact of a cold, dry winter is behind us. Before we shed our layers and expose ourselves to some warm sun, let's take care of our skin. Our skin and skin care may change with the seasons, but we still have to rebound from the dry air the winter months give us.

Moisturize and moisturize some more!

Your daily life in the wintertime probably looked a lot like mine: a lot of moisturizing, declining any outdoor events, and quick warm showers. All this prevents plaques from spreading or new ones from popping up.

My lotions and emollients are everywhere. The cold and dry weather and winds caused my skin to feel itchy and irritated - no matter how much I moisturized. So what do I do now to avoid this unavoidable trigger? Moisturize more. I mean before leaving the house and after coming home.

Keep yourself healthy!

During the winter, it seems everyone is sick, but our healthy practices shouldn't stop in the spring. The common cold isn't just a common cold to those with an autoimmune condition. It puts us at risk for more extensive infections and throws our whole body out of whack - including an influx of new and intense psoriasis symptoms.

I caught a throat infection this past winter, and my psoriasis is paying for it. Consider wearing a mask in a crowded situation, keep hand sanitizer and lotion nearby to keep germs at bay, and never feel sorry for prioritizing your health.

Be mindful of common (and uncommon) psoriasis triggers

Apart from these seasonal triggers above, based on my personal experience, certain things, substances, and actions can trigger psoriasis in an intense way. I would recommend keeping these in mind when it comes to managing your psoriasis and avoiding it worsening.

  • Tattoos & Piercings. Any intense impact, pain, or contact with the skin can bring on a skin injury, our immune system is set off, and you'll be faced with some new plaques.
  • Stress Management. The stress-flare cycle shouldn't be a new concept to you. You hold the key to controlling it through counseling, yoga, meditation, or breathing relaxation.
  • Lifestyle choices. Avoiding alcohol, smoking, red meat, intense weight gain, and judgmental people will improve your life with psoriasis.

This is a tiny look at triggers I try to avoid - and I know a few others who live with psoriasis have to. Please feel free to add any in the comments - we must learn how to manage this incurable disease from each other. Good luck out there - be kind to yourself and your skin!

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