Making Space for Brain Fog

Last updated: July 2019

With psoriasis, and for that matter, any autoimmune condition there really is so little that is within our control. Often just as we have it figured out, something changes and we lose the control that we thought we had. I am starting to think that control is nothing but a figment of my imagination, a tough realization for me.  

The last few months of my life have been anything but easy, which I hide well with a friendly disposition. This is true not because I am bottling anything up in an unhealthy manner, but more so because I just get tired of rehashing the things that hurt. The last week has seen my personal journey reach an all-time high of healing, change is upon me. It is time to pull myself towards myself.

Physical and emotional clutter

As a child I was not the tidiest person, clean yes, but tidy, not so much. Now it is said that we grow out of these childhood habits, for me it took a little longer. I am terrible at putting things away and can build heaps that could rival the leaning tower of Pisa. The thing is that we do not give enough credit to the effect that clutter has on our psyche. We have enough on our plate when it comes to trying to manage psoriasis symptoms including brain fog and the things we need to do. If you add to this brain fog a cluttered room or workspace, in my opinion, it is a recipe for a disaster. I was never fully aware of the effect, but I can tell you for sure that a clearer space around me, makes for a clearer mind. I do not think that it makes the brain fog itself less, it just helps not add fuel to that specific fire.

Clearing out and cleaning up

Over the past few weeks and the weeks coming, I will be sorting through the things that clutter my physical space at work and at home. Cleaner shelves, more open spaces and an easy way to get to what I need to. Many of us live in small apartments and making enough space for the things you want or need around you can be a challenge. Take the time to look through what you need and what you really do not have to hang on to anymore. Donate what you can, and share what you no longer need. Helping people who need it is pure soul food, the ultimate win-win situation if you will.

Taking control

I am taking a different approach to my condition and everything that comes with it this year. There is so much that we have to battle on a daily basis, we can hardly get to it all. I am choosing to battle it on all fronts, little by little and day by day. By figuring out which are the things that I can control and making a change with them. I am hoping to bring about a positive and sustainable change in my life. A change that will help me manage my life, my mind and in turn the add-on symptoms from my psoriasis. With this, it also means that I need to let go of the things that I know I cannot control. This part is so much easier said than done, with time hopefully this will become easier to do. One can but hope.

There is a definite benefit to keeping the space around you under control and clear. My mind just functions better and while I cannot control the brain fog, I can control the space around me. In this, I would be able to minimize the chaos in my world.

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