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Community Views: A Good Day with Psoriasis

A good day with psoriasis? Is that even possible? The way this condition cracks and bleeds in all areas of life. It's impossible not to think about it from the moment you open your painful eyes in the morning all the way through attempting to get a restful sleep that evening.

Painful burning, insatiable itch, visible not-so-pretty plaques. Difficult days are more common than good ones. The limitations and stigma that come with this condition can have a severe impact on daily life, especially because simply change daily.

A good day with psoriasis? Is that even possible?

While there is no cure for psoriasis - and this condition impacts the largest organ of the body, our skin, what could a good day with psoriasis even look like? What better way to find out this answer than straight from those who live it.

We shared this prompt with the PlaquePsoriasis.com Facebook page: “Psoriasis isn’t going anywhere. How would you describe a good day with psoriasis?” Here's what the psoriasis community had to say...

No itching or pain

The most common response was a day with no itching or pain! This symptom affects your daily life. Plaques are incredibly itchy and painful. The patches of dead skin cells on elbows, knees, scalp, and torso feel miserable. You spend a lot of time trying to manage the itch.1

“When the never healing patch on my chest doesn’t hurt.”

“Get up with no pain or itching.”

“Not being on fire.”

“No darned itching! Drives me NUTS!”

Fewer psoriasis scales

A common area for plaques is on the scalp. A plaque forms a thick scale over an area of red, thickened skin. These scales flake off and look like dandruff. A good day with plaque psoriasis is when you have fewer scales. You feel more confident when the flakes do not cover your clothing.2

“Reduced scales and redness.”

“A ‘good’ day with psoriasis is a day where white flakes aren’t too visible on any shirts I’m wearing.”

“No one offers to dust my shoulders.”

Starting a biologic with psoriasis

Biologics are newer treatments for psoriasis. They attack specific parts of the immune system. Several of you shared the difference this treatment makes. Biologics cleared up your plaques. You no longer itch. You enjoy more good days!3

“Every day was a bad day until I started a biologic. It has changed my life in so many ways.”

“I’m taking Humira, and the majority of the psoriasis has cleared.”

“Clear days. Biologic injections are amazing!”

“Biologic. No turning back.”

Other signs of a good day

You shared other benchmarks of a good day as well. Feeling more energetic, enjoying the water, and not saying “no” contribute. Good days mean more than how your symptoms feel. It is the freedom to enjoy activities unhampered by symptoms.

“A late night swim with my pet duck in the hot springs under the Milky Way with a meteor shower. Being pain-free and clear skin due to the water composition: Best night ever!!”

“Sunshine, then tomorrow will be better.”

“A good day would be one with boundless energy.”

“[Feeling] wonderful in a hot shower.”

“A day I didn’t have to say, ‘I just can’t do that.’”

Wishing you better days ahead...

Articulating and sharing what daily life with psoriasis looks like - is not easy. From inconsistent symptoms to more painful days than not - we appreciate your honest responses to this prompt.

Living with plaque psoriasis is challenging. Better days (or moments) are special when they occur. Thank you for sharing what creates those moments for you.

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