Struggles With Diet And Psoriasis

I don't know about you but I will try just about anything to treat my psoriasis. There is so much information about gut health when it comes to treating psoriasis. It's overwhelming. One of the things I have tried several times is changing my diet to treat my psoriasis symptoms.

The impact my diet has on my psoriasis symptoms...

However, I have to admit staying on a diet is really hard for me. Being from Louisiana, food is a big deal here. Sadly, the medication the doctors put us on also makes us gain weight. I am no exception to that rule. I have watched my weight go up and up over the years. It really is frustrating.

When you throw in the depression or anxiety that comes along with weight it only adds to the situation. If you are newly diagnosed maybe this article will help you as well as to remind me about some of the foods we should avoid.


Nightshades are something I eat on a regular basis. They include tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables. The potatoes and tomatoes are a super big one for me. My husband is definitely a meat and potatoes man for sure. We actually planted tomatoes in our garden this year.

I love salads. Tomatoes are part of a salad that I shouldn't say have to add but it makes a salad complete in my mind. There are other things that could be substituted without a doubt. Chili is another thing I love when the temperatures get cold. Tomatoes are a huge part of making chili also.

One of the things I find interesting about nightshades is the fact that they are also used in medicine. In an article by Medical News Today dated 2018 "Do Nightshade vegetables make arthritis worse" they point to there being little evidence to nightshades causing inflammation.

Dairy and sugar

Sugar is another downfall to dieting. I am very much all about my coffee in the mornings. My kids grew up knowing not to bother mom until she has had at least one cup of coffee.

The best coffee for me comes with sugar and creamer or milk added. See what I mean about the dairy. Straight black coffee I just cannot do. Believe me, I have tried. Cheese is another thing I love. So many good things really make it hard to diet.

Fatty red meats

Fatty red meats also make the no-no when dieting and living with psoriasis. There really is no way to avoid red meat, especially where my husband is concerned. Steaks on the grill are definitely a family favorite. Trying to find steaks at the supermarket without fat is almost impossible.

Hamburger meat is another staple we eat a lot. Using turkey hamburger meat did not go over well. Like so many others, my days are jammed pack from sunrise to sunset. Preparing separate meals is something I just do not have time to do. Between two elderly mothers I help take care of and the remodeling of our home, I just find myself exhausted by the end of the day.

Do you struggle with sticking to a diet? Do you notice a change in symptoms?

Excuses are definitely what it sounds like to me when explaining the struggle in dieting. I stay as active as I can and watch how much I eat but it always seems to be a yo-yo. I lose ten pounds just to turn around and gain fifteen. As a friend put it one time, I lost five friends but he brings ten friends back with him. I thought that was a great way to explain it.

To tell the truth, I have even used that line on a doctor or two when they bring up the weight issue. The expressions are priceless. There are friends who have found great success in cutting out these products.

These items along with cutting out gluten especially have helped calm psoriasis down or clear it altogether. Before it is pointed out, I do realize there are other foods that I have left out but this is my struggle with diet.

Do you struggle with sticking to a diet? Do you notice a change in symptoms? How do you strike a balance?

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