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Trying Different Treatments On My Psoriasis

I wasn’t going to write about this because it is somewhat embarrassing, but for me, I do feel that as someone who wants to help people, I have to tell it all and share the good with the bad.

I have probably used stuff on my skin that most people would ask me was crazy. Sadly enough, I had this condition for 60 years and was diagnosed at just 5 years old. The age-old question for me is how long I had psoriasis before I started school. These were the people who took me to a hospital, and I was diagnosed there.

Coping with psoriasis at a young age

Having this condition was the most debilitating experience I had ever had at the time. The place I was living at the time was scorching. I grew up on a farm with no air conditioner. There was psoriasis was my hands, face, and neck that were the most affected for me at the time.

Hiding meant wearing long sleeves and trying to hide as much of my body such as my hands and neck. You can imagine the sweat that I could endure. It burned like crazy. When I started to work and had to interact with many people each day, and you can imagine people staring at me for wearing a turtleneck in the summer.

I once considered quitting my job and starting my own business back in the day. My friends and family encouraged me to hold my head high and turn a deaf ear to people’s remarks and onlookers. I’m happy I kept my good government job with great medical benefits.

Side effects of the medication

Back in the day, we had what was called a pre-existing condition. You had to wait a year to use your insurance. When that day kicked in, I started seeing wonderful doctors. I received proper treatment that was far superior to the one I was using at home.

Sadly, the first medicine caused my skin to peel and my clothes to become discolored, making me uncomfortable every day. After that, my face and skin started becoming lighter. People would ask if I had begun bleaching my skin, which was extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about.

The most challenging aspect of psoriasis is its effect. Over the years medication for psoriasis has improved. I've grown accustomed to my condition, and now when someone inquires about it, I'm prepared with an answer for them. I remember someone asking me if I had syphilis or wasn't cleaning myself thoroughly. These remarks did not make me feel good about myself at all.

It's not the end of the road

As I grew over the years and educated myself more. Eventually, I didn't care what people said to my face or behind my back. It was time to educate all of them. I have not been able to clear my psoriasis with any of the treatments I have tried over the years. The good news is that I do have the best medications out there, but still have not got 100% clear yet.

I have managed to keep my condition under control for the most part and am very grateful. Psoriasis has never been the end of the road for me. We all just need to wake up, seek treatment, and live our lives. We are all in this together.

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