Dressing Room Dilemma

I don’t understand people that like to shop for new clothes. Honestly. I don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me please? You go into a store, look at racks of clothes that make you feel either too old or too fat, and then comes the worst part: trying them on. I have never liked the idea of trying on clothes. You go into some small closet room with too many mirrors and put on clothes that who know how many people have tried on already. I am not normally a germaphobe, but the idea of putting on clothes that some sweaty dude before me already was in skeeves me out!

My personal issues with clothes shopping aside, this seemingly simple errand can be an anxiety producing event when you have psoriasis. I have had many an embarrassing moment in the old dressing room. I’ve left a pile of flakes on the floor behind me, gotten greasy ointment on the garments, and the most humiliating thing of all: stained clothes with blood from my cracked skin. How do you even tell the store associates that? Does the “you break it you buy it” rule apply? All I know for sure is that when you humbly admit you accidently bled on something, empathy is not the response that is found. Because of all of this, I have come up with some tricks of the trade when I am in need of new digs.

Hold the grease

If I know I will be shopping ahead of time, I forego any greasy ointments or lotions before heading out. This has saved me from feeling self-conscious about leaving stains on the clothing. If I am in a really bad flare and there is no way to put off trying on clothes, I will wrap the area that has to have the ointment with a waterproof covering, such as plastic wrap or bandages (depending on the size.) If the greasy goo is on my scalp, a stocking cap does the trick to temporarily keep it from smudging a shirt that has to be pulled over.

Under wear

Under wear (no, not underwear) is extremely helpful when I know I will need to try on clothes and my skin is flaring. I like to wear the tight fitting long sleeved shirts/pants that you usually see runners or other athletic guys wearing. I put these on under my normal clothes (because I am not spandex ready!) before heading to the store. This not only helpful for keeping my flakes under control, but it also works to protect my skin. Often when trying on clothes I have a tendency to catch my skin on a zipper or button, so the extra layer of underclothing really helps minimize that as well.

Ditch the stores

If you are lucky enough to find a brand that you are comfortable in and confident in sizing, you can ditch the whole awkward dressing room experience altogether by shopping online. We live in a pretty high tech world that makes online shopping a breeze! Not only can you get what you need while lounging on the couch eating a bowl of cereal, but some suppliers will deliver within an hour. Why go through the hassle of [not so] fitting rooms ever again?

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