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4 ears of different shapes and sizes with an otoscope in one ear

Psoriasis In The Ears

Our ears offer us the sound of music and the laughter of our loved ones. They also allow us to have a sense of balance. The vestibular system is found inside the inner ear. Our ears help us communicate with the world around us rather easily.

How psoriasis impacts the ear

Psoriasis has been known to show up around the ears. It is the skin behind the ear that impacts me the most. You would think that would be it? Psoriasis can also find its way into your actual ear and can be rather damaging if not kept under control.

Finding treatment options

It is always recommended to have your ear psoriasis symptoms checked with your dermatologist or general practitioner. Make sure that you have written your questions down and ask what treatments are available. Personally, my doctor prescribes me a very low dosage corticosteroid ointment for my ears.

Applying ointment can be tricky in your ears, I use a Q-tip and apply it in a very thin layer.

Excess scales and build up

You may have excess build-up or scales that are loose and ready to come out. If you cannot shift them out easily from your outer ear gently on your own, I highly recommend getting someone who you trust and who has a steady hand to help you.

Again, if this does not slide out easily, then go see your doctor or clinic sister and get them to assist you. Leaving the build-up could affect your hearing and cause an infection. It's also important to mention, never insert anything into your ear. You could damage your eardrum and risk hearing loss.

Managing piercings

If you have existing piercings on your ears, you would generally be able to take them out and heal the skin first. Vicks VapoRub is my go-to for my ears when they are sensitive. Making the effort to use real silver and gold or surgical steel jewelry has made a big difference to my ears. My skin is less sensitive and flares are less recurrent. 

Getting new piercings can be tricky. My skin needs to be completely healed and in remission before I even consider getting a new piercing. When you do get a new one, as always, it is imperative to keep it clean and look after the skin around the new piercing extra carefully.

Headphones and earphones

I listen to a lot of audiobooks and music. I am a single mom and often my “getaway” is a long bath listening to an audiobook after my little lady is asleep.  Personally, I prefer earphones or ear pods, the ones that fit into your ears. However, I have found that in winter when my skin is flaring, it is simply a no for me.

Headphones that fit over my whole ear prevent my ears from getting very sore when using them for an extensive-time period. I might also add that if you get noise-canceling ones, it is a wonderful sensory experience.

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