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Psoriasis in the Ears

Itchy ears, huh. We see our pets frequently bend in their own unique way to scratch behind their ears. When it comes to managing itchy ears due to psoriasis, well, we're not that clever or cute.

Itchy ears are beyond annoying and inconvenient. I am almost sure that I am not alone with this sentiment. It's impossible to find relief when it comes to the insatiable itch in and around the ear. This, however, does not prevent one from trying.

The best way to treat psoriasis in the ears

The ear canal is a small closed space. You need all manner of lights and angles to see in. Having psoriasis find its way into this part of your body is, well, totally uncalled for. Not only is there a high risk of infection or damage, it really is impossible to safely get in there and sort it out.

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When it comes to managing psoriasis in and around the ears, my first advice is to please go see your doctor. Get an accurate diagnosis and not just a simple assumption. Doctors will be able to see inside your ears properly and instruct you on how to treat the psoriasis safely and accurately.

The best way to treat ear psoriasis is getting a proper treatment plan from your doctor - it is the more direct way to get relief.

Let's take a look at the ear canal

The ear canal is a tube that runs from your outer ear (and the outside world) to your eardrum. When psoriasis develops in the ear canal it can cause a build-up of flaking skin. The skin can build up and compact - this could turn into an infection or temporary hearing impairment. And. that. dreaded. itch.

Having a doctor flush the ears can bring relief. Please do not reach into the cabinet and just use any topical ointment inside the ear. This can really do more harm than good. Be sure and follow the directions for the ointments or topical applications that have been prescribed specifically for your ears.

Psoriasis can also affect the outer ear and the back of the ear. Importantly, this makes it easier to spot when it starts and possibly allows for a head start on treatment. Be sure to keep this area clean, dry, and moisturized. Infections can easily form in the crevices in and around the ear. The skin there also tends to crack or split easily.

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