What Are The Differences Between Psoriasis & Eczema?

A few weeks back, I was asked to explain the difference between psoriasis and eczema. I have to admit, the only thing I could come up with off is that psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and eczema is not.

Being someone with a research background, I decided to dig a little deeper in case I was ever asked again. Within my search, I was actually really surprised that there are several things psoriasis and eczema have in common.

So let’s start with the similarities and move on to the differences so that we all will know.

What are the simliarities?

Both conditions cause red skin and itch. What I found funny is that the article I found in my research, Atopic Dermatitis vs Psoriasis claims eczema itches worse than psoriasis. I’m guessing you had to chuckle at that one also.

For the life of me, I do not think I can believe anything itching worse than psoriasis but I digress. Just like psoriasis, eczema is not contagious. Stress is a common trigger in both conditions and a skin biopsy is needed to confirm the diagnosis.

What are the differences?

One of the biggest differences between eczema and psoriasis is how many people have each condition. Most of us know that psoriasis affects around 8 million people around the world. Would it surprise you if I said that people who have eczema are double that number? That’s right.

Eczema affects 16 million people. People with psoriasis are usually helped when using phototherapy. People with eczema are not. Phototherapy can irritate eczema. Psoriasis and eczema have different gene involvement within the skin hence why a skin biopsy can let the doctor know the difference.

Interesting facts

People can have both psoriasis and eczema but it is usually rare that they have both. Psoriasis cannot turn into eczema and eczema cannot turn into psoriasis. Methotrexate and corticosteroid creams are common treatments for both conditions.

Another interesting fact is that eczema largely presents in children but is common in adults as well. It’s the opposite for psoriasis. Psoriasis presents largely in adults but can occasionally present in children as well.

Feeling more prepared

Hopefully, I have done well to explain the similarities and differences between psoriasis and eczema. I was not prepared to answer that question when it was posed to me. However, I now feel that I can give some relatable information should someone choose to ask me the difference about them again.

How much of this information did you know? Have you ever been asked to explain the difference between the two? Are you one of the rare people that have both psoriasis and eczema? If so please fill us in on how it is living with both diseases. Which condition do you find more challenging?

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