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Let’s Get Rid Of These Myths About Psoriasis

Can you just imagine sitting around with pals and the subject of psoriasis comes up? All of the sudden someone says something that makes your blood boil. People were spreading myths, but the sad part is that they believed what they were saying. Well, it was time for me to clear the air.

Psoriasis is more than just plauqes

Let’s get something straight first. This illness is just more than seeing some spots on our skin. Psoriasis takes place within. I say we have a faulty immune system, not just a few flakes. The best way to explain it is that our body is so excited and just overworks our skin cells. People don’t see the real damage unfolding beneath the skin and not what is on the surface.

A myth that is very relevant to me is that it's just a cosmetic issue, right? I wish that was only the case. Psoriasis impacts more than only the skin itself. It's about how it feels as well as how it appears. The soreness and itching are as real as it gets. It's like having an unwanted visitor that has an impact on how we behave, how we interact with others, and how we perceive ourselves.

We did not bring this upon ourselves

Let's now discuss the theory that psoriasis is brought on by improper hygiene. I've had enough showers to know that's not the case, so trust me on that. It doesn't matter how frequently you wash your hands, what matters is how your immune system responds. Psoriasis doesn't care about your age. I got it at 5 years old. It's a problem that affects people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, psoriasis is an equal opportunity disease.

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Like me, some of us experience it while we are young. Age is irrelevant to psoriasis. It simply decides to manifest whenever it feels like it. Another one is that we only get it in the winter. What?! No, that's not true. There is no set season for psoriasis. It can come on at any moment, whether it's summer, winter, or any other season.

Psoriasis is an unwanted guest

It's like having an uninvited guest who drops by whenever they feel like it. The last one that I have heard recently is that psoriasis can't be managed, or can it? This is not the case at all. We do get flares that present difficulties, but with treatment, it can be managed.

So many of us can control it with the correct treatments and certain lifestyle changes. Learning to control this giant is more important than defeating it. Now that you have heard my side and the real truth about psoriasis.

We're all on different roads on this journey. We are putting a light on what psoriasis really is. This is a condition that is part of us, but it surely does not define who we are. We need to share our experiences and get rid of these falsehoods. And who knows, perhaps by dispelling these myths, we're not just bettering our own knowledge, but also enlightening others about psoriasis. We are all in this together.

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