A woman covering her face with her hands while floating eyes look at her. There is a huge tube of lotion wrapping around her face.

Psoriasis All Over My Face

Psoriasis on the face, as you can imagine, can be pretty detrimental to one's mental health. It's right there, for everyone to see. My face has always been the hardest place to treat and I have often tried to bargain with the powers that be. "If I can just get rid of psoriasis on my face, I will happily take it on my wrists or another part of my body." So you know, despite some very desperate pleading, this tactic has never worked.

Last night I was feeling pretty down about it all. I sat down to apply ointment to the patches that have recently appeared on my face when my daughter, who must be a mind reader, asked me why it bothered me so much. I chose to be candid with her, within her understanding of course.  I simply shared that it hurts both physically and mentally. The way that people look at me, makes me feel horrible on the inside. It makes me feel judged and very sad.

The looks from strangers

After many years of living with psoriasis, I have become accustomed to the funny looks and rude stares from people. And by accustomed, I mean that I've learned to ignore it 100%.

Often you will hear me say that it does not bother me if people stare. Truth be told, sometimes it does. Somehow when you have psoriasis on your face people really do like to gawk. Maybe it comes across as superficial to those who do not have to go through it. But man, it really gets you in the feels.

The stares and rude comments can really hurt and it is quite literally up in your face. Should I allow the opinions of others to get to me. Probably not. Does it still hurt my feeling when people are straight-out rude about it? Yes, yes it does.

Treating symptoms on your face

The skin on the face is so sensitive. Your skin can react very badly to using a treatment that is too strong or just not right for your skin. Speak to your doctor before you put any script medication on your skin. When you use anything new, patch testing is very important.

I use a low percentage steroid cream on the patches on my face. For everyday moisturizer, I use Child's Farm moisturizer. This is luckily only during the winter. In summer, I get a brief reprieve and summer remission. My skin sucks up the sun's rays and heals as if there was never anything there.

Quick tips for management

Psoriasis on the face is different than on other parts of the body. Your skin there is thinner and may be more sensitive to treatments.

  • Stay away from perfumed products
  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in it
  • Plain white soap is the best for washing your face
  • Find a good moisturizer and use it regularly
  • Rest from make up as often as you can
  • Be wary of harsh facial cleansers and over-exfoliation
  • Moderate alcohol and processed food intake
  • Avoid known psoriasis triggers

Like with psoriasis on other parts of your body, there’s no clear cause of facial psoriasis. Researchers have determined that heredity and your immune system both play a role.

You have a lot of options for treating psoriasis on your face. Work closely with your doctor to find what works best for you. Because psoriasis on your face can be emotionally upsetting, your doctor may also have suggestions for managing self-consciousness about your facial psoriasis.

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