Psoriasis on the Feet

When my psoriasis started seventeen years ago, it all began on my left leg. Back then and even now, topicals are the first line of defense in treating psoriasis. In my experience, my skin never saw results.

I watched in horror as my psoriasis spread like wildfire. At my worst, I was 80% covered. In my case, plaque psoriasis was everywhere except my face, neck, and scalp.

These feet are made for walking

I live in the South. This climate can be brutal on psoriasis. One of the things I have always hated about living with this condition is managing psoriasis on the feet. It can make for some tough days when summer is in full swing.

It can make for even tougher days if you are like me and have to spend a lot of time walking.

The hardest symptom to treat

It honestly took a couple of years into living with psoriasis for it to start affecting my feet. To my dismay, I was disheartened to see the plaques spreading. It was like a race to see down which leg it could spread faster. Suddenly, as if it happened overnight, I found the first plaque psoriasis spot on the left side of my ankle and then on my toes.

Seventeen years and six biologics later, those plaques are still there on my feet. Nothing has made a difference. To be honest, I was told early on when they started breaking out that the feet are the hardest area to treat. I have definitely found that to be the case over the years. The plaques are still bad and still there.

Swelling and sweating

When I was working full time, I was on my feet for eight hours a day, all day long. It was so painful. My feet would swell from the inflammation that the psoriasis was causing. The shoes would rub on the side of my ankles causing them to be so sore. It always seemed to make the itching worse.

The more swelling, the more hot my feet would be. The heat in turn would make the itching worse. It was like a vicious cycle each day at work. I could not wait to get home so I could get my shoes off. I made the mistake of soaking my feet one time. It did help the inflammation but it left the plaques feeling open and raw.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Remember me saying I live in the South? The summers in the South are brutal. On average the temperature during those summer days is in the upper 90's. Socks and shoes are not something you want to be wearing when it is that hot. Wearing those cute flip flops are out of the question when you have to go to the store or out in public.

It's bad enough to let people see your arms or legs. Can you imagine the things they would have to say over your feet? At least when I am at home I do not have to worry about it. If you come to my house chances are you will find me barefoot unless I am out in my yard. Then and only then can I wear those flip flops I want to wear.

Have you found relief?

It is my hope that one day the psoriasis on my feet will be a thing of the past. Honestly, it is the only area that has kept me from knowing what it would feel like to be completely clear of psoriasis. So far, a couple of months into a new biologic and I still have plaques on my feet.

I cannot say that I have found anything that makes it better. Maybe we can help each other here. If there is something that you have found that makes the plaques on your feet better, please share here so we can all find some comfort.

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