A person lays in a hotel bed with their feet exposed from under the blanket. One foot is wearing a stained sock, the other is bare with bleeding psoriasis patches.

Psoriasis on The Feet & Wearing Socks To Bed

Last updated: April 2023

Psoriasis touches everything. It wreaks havoc on our skin and leaves a flaky trail behind it. Because of this inconvenient nuisance, those who live with this chronic condition have to be ready to adapt, respond, and adjust. I know I certainly do.

Flaking is inevitable. It's going to happen, and we can only control so much. Vacuum cleaners and lint rollers certainly come in handy when the time arises. My active plaque psoriasis is on my ankles and feet. One way I limit flaking and bleeding is by wearing socks when staying with loved ones or in new places.

The trail that psoriasis on the feet leaves behind

Do you have trouble adjusting your body temperature while you sleep? Most of us with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis do. I am forever playing the game of pulling on the covers and then throwing them off, and adding socks to the mix only makes me hotter.

At home, I do not wear them. They are my sheets, and I am okay with whatever trail psoriasis wants to leave behind. However, I will not do that to someone else’s bed. That also includes when I am staying at a hotel.

I never knew this until my husband told me, but I unseemingly scratch my psoriasis at night. My body is somewhat relaxed, and my subconscious knows nothing about self-control. Of course, scratching makes my plaques crack and bleed.

Managing psoriasis on the feet while traveling

So, I put on socks when sleeping outside of my own bedroom. I still scratch, but the excess skin and blood stay within the confines of my socks. Wherever I go, I pack socks to wear during the day and an extra pair of socks to put on at night while I sleep.

I cannot say it will always stop it from getting on the sheets, but I can say so far, it has not. It makes me feel better about traveling and not leaving a trail.

Living with psoriasis for as long as I have, I've come up with different ways to modify and limit the cruelty of this painful condition.

Just another stop on the psoriasis journey

When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t have psoriasis on my feet. However, as time and psoriasis progressed, socks became my solution to one part of multiple problems. While I don’t like wearing them at night, I definitely don’t want the possibility of what could happen either.

One of the things I love about this community is that we can learn from one another. I know I am not alone in coming up with ways to cover up (pun intended). What do you or have you found that covers up leaving any evidence behind when you are traveling?

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