How Long Have You “Flaked” My Psoriasis Face?

This is the time of year when my face doesn't respond well to the colder temperatures. While I would love to be clear everywhere on my body and especially my face, that has not always been the case.

For those of you that know me, I have always been open about being depressed and sad for the majority of my life. A big part of this was having facial psoriasis which I have never talked about in 56 years.

I was just too ashamed to even share this part of my life. But I am now.

Flakes on the face

It has been 44 years since I have been in high school and I still find it hard to face those demons. Every single picture I had from the age of 6 to 18 shows psoriasis on my face. One day I just decided to throw them all away.

I remember in high school, when my psoriasis was out of control, I just hated myself for it. There have been times I was called pizza face, spotty, elephant skin, and ugly.

On top of everything else, my hair was dry and brittle, and I was always scratching in public. Dry psoriasis plaques are very painful. They have gotten so bad where it was painful to smile.

The truth of facial psoriasis

I can look back over the years and forgive children for their actions, but when I think about the adults that ridiculed me, I feel sad. Couldn’t they see the suffering I go was going through as a child? The itching, scratching bleeding and flaking everywhere.

Couldn’t they see I am doing everything in my power not to have this disease? Even the medical community was not very nice with there matter of fact remarks. As a young adult, I didn’t understand, but I do know.

It’s no secret that our face is what people look at first. This is just a reality. I make sure that even with my medication, I keep my face under control. It can be difficult, especially if I'm not taking anything.

Facing reality & facial psoriasis

Facing reality looks like this. Things happen in life, like sometimes medication won't work. We want to believe that it does all the time. However, there have been many days all I had to do was look at my face in the mirror and cry.

This is facing the truth. My hands, legs, knees, and back would dry out. Moisturizing my psoriasis skin in the cold temperatures is a lifesaver.

Others don't understand the struggles of psoriasis

As I have matured, I know there is much more to life than what I looked like. I have let this issue consume me for so much of my life. People don’t realize how words can affect a person for life. No one understands the real struggles that we go through.

People take their skin for granted. I want people to understand that our face is a sensitive subject. Believe me, when you are facing anybody with a covered face with plaque psoriasis, no one will just walk up to you and greet you and keep it moving. They will probably wonder what's going on with my face.

Love your psoriasis skin

When the weather has brought on a horrific flare and my face is affected, I have learned to welcome winter. Until then I must face the music of loving the skin I'm in and when it gets the best of me. I can face off and that's facing my reality.

My appearance does not affect who I am as a matter of fact; my psoriasis has made me stronger. I live my life on my terms now and have learned to ignore the stares years ago. Can you see me now?

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