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Pushing Past The Psoriasis Flare Exhaustion

Yes, some of the most prominent symptoms of psoriasis are itchy skin, annoying flakes, and being in severe discomfort. What other symptoms are there, you may ask? Well, personally, I am one of many who suffer from extreme fatigue.

I don't mean simply being tired or drained, I am talking extreme exhaustion that keeps me literally glued to my bed. Many times, I've had to give myself a motivating pep talk to get myself to physically move.

Taking a look at some of my biggest motivators...

Having children is definitely a great motivator for movement. I find myself pushing through for them. When they are not with me or where the tiredness is all-consuming, I have to dig deep and say "Ayesha, get up".

Recently, I have been so intentional in every aspect of my life. Managing fatigue from psoriasis is no different. Here are some ways to push past exhaustion caused by psoriasis.

Good music gets me going

Every morning, my alarm wakes me up to a hip-hop twerk workout playlist. Please no judgment! I say this with complete laughter, because for many waking up to this type of music may be a bit overwhelming at the start of the day, trust me, it is intentional.

For starters, the sound and the beats immediately force me to wake up, and then the fact that it's 5 AM forces me to get up to shut it off. Once I am fully awakened by the sounds, I then put on my Zen playlist and begin a series of stretching and my morning meditation.

Now, please know that this way of waking up works completely for me, and may not be your cup of tea, however, do whatever works for you to get yourself moving.

For me, and the fatigue I experience, it works to use the music as a motivator. This has helped me on many a day, not only with my psoriasis but just on random icky days when the weather is rainy or snowy outside.

Lists & organization...

I will admit, I am a person that writes down everything. I also am a planner by nature. For me, it was a no-brainer to use journaling and checklists to help with my exhaustion. In my journal, I write my tasks for the day, and I check off the tasks when completed.

Even through a flare, if I have things that need to get done, I will push through to do them. Seeing everything and taking a visual look has meant something big for me. There's such a huge sense of accomplishment when you can get things done.

Admittedly, there are some days that everything does not get checked off of the list. I always give myself a pat on the back on what I did complete.

Find what motivates you

I hope that what has helped me to push through my exhaustion can also help you. What's most important is finding what will work best for you as we are all different.

There's no limit to what we can all try to help alleviate some of the symptoms we live with from psoriasis. Find your thing and work it to the best of your ability. You never know what can help until you try.

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