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Ahhh! My Psoriasis is Breaking Out Again

I’m sad to say that my psoriasis seems to be returning. For around a year and a half now, I have been on a biologic and have previously written about how successful it has been.

But alas, bits of plaques and flakes are now visible on parts of my body. Thankfully, I can hide these plaques with my clothes. Even though I am suffering another breakout, I am feeling more positive about it.

The impact of the psoriasis flare

Living with psoriasis for the last 15 years has been tough. It’s taken a toll on my mental health, and I’ve suffered from large bouts of fatigue. I’m feeling a lot better about my psoriasis and I’m off the mindset that I no longer need to hide it.

My medical team in the UK is really good. I feel lucky to have options if my current treatment fails. My current scales, however, are only minimal at the moment. This outbreak is not causing me large amounts of pain or discomfort, just general inconvenience, and annoyance.

When to decide on a new treatment

If patches continue to flare, I will ask for another biologic treatment. I have read online and through chatting to other psoriasis sufferers, that biologic injections can stop working after about a year or so. There is, however, good news in that relief can be found again by moving to a different treatment.

Whether that works for long periods of time or just a few months waits to be seen, but I’m just trying to remain hopeful in the knowledge that there are more things out there that can help.

In the meantime, I will continue to apply lotions, creams, and moisturizers to affected areas. They are currently quite small plaques, and some already have started to disappear again.

Sticking to the treatment plan

It’s around one month until I see my medical team again. I’m taking this time to utilize what I’ve got. Previously, I have had the condition affect all over my body, from the scalp to the nails. So far, this time, luckily, it’s isolated in a few areas.

I have noticed since taking my most recent injection that the patches have subsided. Some have even disappeared completely. So, I’m hopeful that this latest breakout can be maintained and got rid of as long as I stick to the treatment plan.

The success of biologics

I don’t mind sticking with biologics because they have been the best treatment for me. When I tried corticosteroids or light treatment, my psoriasis always flared up again the moment the treatment was stopped. Being on biologics, because the treatment is consistent as I inject once per month, psoriasis doesn’t have time to badly break out before a new injection is applied.

What have you done while on biologics to help with potential psoriasis flare-ups? Perhaps your psoriasis has flared regardless. How have you coped with this? Have you sought new treatments or are you waiting to be seen? Let me know in the comment section below.

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