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Will My Psoriasis Ever Get Better On Its Own?

When you’re first diagnosed with psoriasis you may wonder if the condition can ever get better by itself or whether you’ll have to use treatments for the rest of your life.

I have spent years with my patches getting better and then newer ones flaring in other parts of my body. It’s left me despairing and wondering if this condition will ever truly go away by itself or if I’ll be on a biologic injection until I die.

My psoriasis is likely here to stay

I have accepted the latter is probably the most likely outcome. Yes, I have had my patches come and go; older ones growing larger, newer ones forming and others completely disappearing. And while I welcome it when some disappear, I have accepted that while I may see some clearance, it’s likely it will just come back and I will need treatment.

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I am happy with that, though. I am on a biologic injection and I don’t have to inject too often; it’s pain-free and does the job of keeping most of my psoriasis at bay. I say most because there are still patches, but oddly, it seems to work out that when older patches disappear, new ones appear elsewhere. Still, they’re not particularly burdensome so I can live with it.

What I am trying to say is your psoriasis can get better on its own, but it’s likely your patches will go into remission and may reappear at a later date elsewhere on your body. Don’t hold out hope for your psoriasis lesions to disappear themselves and never to come back. For some people, that does happen, but I would not pin all your hopes on it.

Accepting my the longevity of my journey

Treatment these days can be very effective and if you follow your plan, get help for any other physical ailments and look after your mental and emotional well-being, you can thrive even if you have lots of psoriasis patches. The key to being happy with this condition is keeping up with your medical appointments, managing the symptoms the best you can and accepting the longevity of it.

If you’re struggling with any aspect of living with psoriasis, you need to let your medical team know so they can help. Whether that is changing treatments because yours isn’t working or is leading to a rebound effect, dealing with the emotional baggage that comes with a chronic illness or understanding more about it, make sure they know so help and assistance can be put in place.

Psoriasis is a nasty condition. When you’re first diagnosed you often look at all the negatives of the condition and may struggle to see what positives can come from it. But I have learned with this illness, that I have become a kinder person.

Psoriasis can get better on its own, at least it can in my own experience, but its not something you should hold out for. So, if you’re struggling, let your medical team know and see what help they can give you. Otherwise, chat to a friend or family member and carry on. You’re great. You deserve everything good in life.

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