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gift ideas for plaque psoriasis floating underneath a Christmas bow

A Holiday Gift Guide For Those With Psoriasis

It's that time of year again. It's the season of generosity and gift-giving! Before the cold, gray, and dry winter months set in - we can celebrate time with our family and loved ones and be present throughout the holiday season. Not only can we be present - but with this season also comes the exchange of physical presents.

Every year, I'm asked for gift ideas from my loved ones. It's a tough question since I feel I have everything I could want or need! I see how this may make me a difficult person to buy gifts for.

Gift ideas that could improve the management of psoriasis

You may have thoughts or additional ideas to supplement this list. I encourage you to write them in the comments or share them with your loved ones. They will help me come up with some new gift ideas too.

Your loved ones will feel good knowing they got you something that makes you feel good. If the situation were reversed, wouldn't you feel the same way? Have you ever thoughts about asking for gifts that could benefit your skin and improve your pain? Here is a list of my favorite items that may be worth asking for.

An electric blanket

If you shop for electric blankets, you know how expensive they can be. I don't like sleeping under a lot of blankets in the winter. It tends to rub my psoriasis when there are too many. In my case, I have a queen size bed, so that makes an electric blanket very pricey to buy.

It is like having an all-encompassing heating pad. It helps to keep my body at the perfect temperature so that when nights are cold, it helps to calm the pain that would come from my psoriasis. I make sure that it is a dual control so my husband can have his side as hot as he wants, and I can keep mine at a reasonable temperature.

Lotions & be specific!/h3> How many times at Christmas have you been given those lotion gift bags? They are usually heavily laden with perfumes. That is a bad situation when it comes to contact with your psoriasis. It burns. I tell my family that if they are considering buying me lotions then please make sure it is for sensitive skin. That way it eliminates all those heavy perfumes and such. Kitchen gadgetsPsoriasis on the hands can cause problems in the kitchen, especially if you love to cook and bake. When you have to use your hands for a prolonged period of time, it can also be very painful. Any gadgets that make it easier for me is always a plus in my book. For example, a can opener that is operated by pushing a button or gloves that help you to grip and open things. An internet search may help you come up with ideas that would be customizable for you!What would you add to this list?This is just a small look at a few different things that may be worth asking for this holiday season. And if you are here because you have a loved one with psoriasis, well, your thoughtfulness is seen and appreciated! Please let me know what else you would add to this list in the comments. So many people could benefit from your insight and tips. Stay safe and restful this winter and festive season. From my family to yours, happy holidays!

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