Going Commando

Psoriasis, oh psoriasis, the things you have made me do. We will all try just about everything to makes sure the itch is less and comfort is more.  I know that I have tried many weird, wonderful and some downright strange things. All in the name of finding some kind of relief for this terribly itchy and painful skin. Never in a hundred years did I think I would go commando.

If you have not ever had psoriasis in your groin, say a small prayer of thanks. Now, I am not saying that it is worse than any other kind, cause heavens knows, there are some meanies out there. For me though, it was one of the hardest to treat and most painful, not even to mention awkward. It started last summer, with an itch and a scratch, a burn and a tingle as it always does. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to follow.

Below the belt psoriasis

I initially assumed that the sensitivity was from the material of my underwear, too itchy, too scratchy, maybe a bad design.  Off to the shops, I went, looking or the softest most breathable material undies I could find. I tried, cotton this and cotton that, some bamboo fabric and one or two other alternatives. There was no difference, and in actual fact, it was getting worse. Spreading like tenacious lava from a volcano, with the same heat, capacity to destroy.

Starting as just sensitive skin, just along the line of exactly where my undies touched my skin. It was no longer just that, it was rapidly creating a full-on psoriasis flare. I had never in my life experienced such discomfort. The skin was red, very hot to the touch and the pain was unbearable. Within a week I could hardly walk. Lying on my doctor’s examination table, feeling fragile and embarrassed.

Finding a treatment that worked

I needed to treat the skin vigorously when some prescription meds and eventually treat a yeast infection that had also started.  We must have gone through 5 / 6 different creams and ideas before finding what worked. In a hot and humid climate it was no joke, and often had me reduced to a hot teary mess on my couch. The fan blowing my nether regions cool, offering some form of relief, if only psychosomatic.

The perks of going commando

My undies were the first thing to be kicked to the curb. WHAT! Yes, you heard me right, I went commando. It was equated to taking a child’s dummy (pacifier) away from them and making them go cold turkey.  I am a strong person by my very nature, and there are very few situations or people for that matter that can leave me feeling fragile.  Let me tell you something, this was one of them. I find the explanation for commando on Wikipedia to be the most insightful to this feeling. There is not enough credit to the feeling of safety that our undies give us.

Going commando, free-balling for males, or free-buffing for females, is the practice of not wearing undergarments to cover the genitals from outer clothing.1

Happy and free

Lo and behold, you really would not believe it. This was the best thing I could have done for my skin and for myself. I mean have you seen the price of underwear, especially women’s.  I would strongly suggest giving this a go, if it makes you uncomfortable, start by just doing it at home. See how it goes from there. If I should trip and fall over one of my lovely flowing gypsy skirts, it would be a sight to behold. The embarrassment would be colossal. I can tell you though, it would still be worth it.

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