Psoriasis Treatment Woes: Greasy Spots Everywhere!

I’ve heard it said that those with psoriasis would make poor criminals because we’d leave skin flakes with our DNA at every crime scene. I completely agree! In addition to skin flakes, I think I probably leave fingerprints everywhere I go. Now that winter has ramped up in Canada, I’m doing double duty on the coconut oil and body lotion. With my tub of cream never far away, greasy spots are everywhere!

Greasy spots on my computer

My beloved computer. The place where I write these articles, scroll through Pinterest, watch funny cat clips on youtube. You are great. You are also covered in hundreds of greasy spots. Greasy spots on the keys, greasy spots on the mousepad, greasy spots where I rest my hands, greasy spots around the edges when I open you up, greasy spots on the outside, greasy spots on the monitor from those times I forget you are not a touch screen. Between the greasy spots and the skin flakes that collect between your keys, you are a hot mess!

Greasy spots on my floors

My beautiful, walnut wood floors. Every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of you when the light shines just the right way and I think “Dear Lord, are those all MY footprints?!” Footprints going to the refrigerator, footprints going down the hall, footprints going anywhere at all (I’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss). I know that when I sit down at the couch to lotion up my feet I should make sure I have my indoor shoes with me to put on immediately, but I usually forget and end up covering you in greasy footprints. At least you are well oiled?

Greasy spots on my clothing

My dearest wardrobe. You used to be filled with all kinds of fabrics! But now, when I see a silk blouse in the store I cringe and think “just imagine how well the greasy fingerprints would show on YOU!” Anything white/grey and absorbent is out, lest I only get a few wears out of you. Patterns are in, as are dark cotton fabrics that will hide the greasiness below. And I shouldn’t forget to mention your older pairs of pajamas that still carry the aroma of cooking from my olive oil lotion phase.

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Greasy spots on my tables

To my wood dining room table. I love you because you are not cold like the kitchen counter, so it’s not as uncomfortable when I put my psoriasis-ridden elbows on you. But table, when I get down to eye-level with you, I see every place I’ve ever touched you (don’t get naughty, table, this is PG). I can see that the end of the table is where I usually sit, because that’s where most of the greasy spots are. Sometimes I’ll grab a cloth and try to rub the grease into you, table, but I don’t think I’m very successful.

Greasy spots on my glasses

Dearest glasses on my face. You help me see and for that I am thankful. However, despite your small size you are still the biggest reminder of the greasy spots I leave behind. Glasses, do I really touch you that many times a day? It doesn’t feel that way, but it certainly LOOKS that way. The other day, glasses, we went to the Optometrist and he offered to clean you. Remember how embarrassed we were? You are always covered in greasy fingerprints and flakes from my scalp/eyebrows. He said “don’t worry, I’ve seen worse,” but I think he was just being generous, glasses.

Are there any places where you leave a trail of greasy spots behind?

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