Growing Old With Psoriasis

It's common for people to think about growing old, aging with grace. Perhaps a glimpse of the future includes the love of their life. And maybe sometimes, a look into the future includes the progression and management of psoriasis. It is an incurable lifelong disease after all.

Skin throughout the years

Could psoriasis make you look older as you get older? The answer is no, and a big no at that. I promise you’ll look about the same age as your friends, so don’t bother yourself with those annoying thoughts.

I will be sixty-four in a few months, and I look good! So, no it won’t make your skin look older. The next question is does psoriasis worsen with age? Well, the answer to that is, it depends. It might get better or worse. And this depends on so many factors, including lifestyle.

However, the short answer is that it doesn’t worsen with age. Taking into consideration diet, smoking, and stress should be a few things to be aware of!

The importance of overall health

One thing I've learned about growing old with psoriasis is that our overall health should always remain a priority. We have to constantly make better lifestyle choices and prevent developing comorbidities. The most common comorbid conditions of psoriasis include heart disease and obesity.

This means making healthier food choices daily. Other conditions include Type 2 diabetes. Then there’s metabolic syndrome and psoriatic arthritis.

So basically, what I’m trying to convey here, is that it all boils down to keeping the inflammation to the lowest. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you build consistent habits which help lower inflammation like eating a healthy diet.

Taking care of your skin

Inflammation is one thing to be aware of as you grow and change while living with psoriasis. Take a look at your habits and see what you can cut out to avoid flare-ups or an inflammation increase. These include alcohol, lack of consistent healthy sleep and not giving your body a break. This includes prioritizing self-care.

Psoriasis or not, your skin will need special care as you age. Find a skincare routine that will help you - including anti-aging efforts, if you prefer. Skin begins aging around age 25 so around this age you should become more particular about skincare. Please don’t get obsessed about it - just take care of your skin to keep it healthy.

For your skin, my friends with psoriasis, always check labels. Do not buy products with alcohol in them. Consult your dermatologist is always a good idea to find a good moisturizer. Your skin will thank you later.

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