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Preparing to See Your Barber When You Have Scalp Psoriasis

If you have scalp psoriasis, planning a trip to the barber or hairdresser can be a difficult experience. You might worry about what the stylist cutting your hair will think or further worried if they can even cut your hair.

I know when I had very bad scalp psoriasis as a teenager, my barber struggled to cut my hair. The trimmer would sink deep into the thick, large scales and struggled to even reach the root of my hair. This made getting a haircut very difficult.

Nonetheless, there are a few tips I will share about what you can do if you’re ever put in a similar situation or are worried about your scales.

Haircuts and scalp psoriasis

What haircut do you actually want? Have a look online or ask friends and relatives what cut they think would suit you. Is it feasible? Would it be better to pick a different cut? When I was younger, I often had my hair shaved completely so that I could better control the scales when they came back with tar treatments and shampoos.

Thinking about what haircut you want and being honest with your barber are great tools, but think about whether a haircut is actually feasible. As I’ve previously said, when my scales were so bad I couldn’t get my hair cut, I had to let it grow and grow to a length I didn’t really want.

You might be better off seeing your doctor or healthcare professional before attempting a haircut. They may be able to prescribe various shampoos and conditioners which can help to lift the scales so your haircut experience is a bit more pleasant.

Be honest with your barber about your scalp psoriasis

There’s no point in not telling them what you’re suffering from. If they are going to find out, they will find out easily when they begin to cut your hair. It will take out any embarrassment and shame if you just tell your barber or hairdresser upfront. It may even help the sort of cut you’re getting as they can approach the areas covered in plaques with more care and sensitivity, and ultimately, warn you as they are about to cut.

Stay positive and confident

Our hair is such an important part of us. It’s what we show the world and it what leaves an impression on people. But nonetheless, try and stay positive and confident. In the end, you are battling a chronic condition which most people never have to deal with. That is a strain on its own.

If you’ve thought about getting a haircut, looked at some styles and conclude that your psoriasis is just so bad you can’t fathom it, don’t give up. Stay strong, positive and realize that it’s not your fault. Keep being proactive and seeing a healthcare professional who will be able to help with your scalp psoriasis. Set yourself up so you’re in a better position for your next visit to the barbershop.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to reward yourself. Getting a haircut for most people is just a normal, everyday routine. For you, it can be a bit more than that as you battle with your scalp psoriasis. Keep applying the topical treatments, keep looking at the styles you want, and eventually, you will get there and have a successful, neat and good-looking cut.

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