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Psoriasis On The Hairline

Psoriasis on the hairline is something I’ve had to deal with from time and time. For me, it starts off as one patch of psoriasis usually where the hair and ear meet. It then spreads across the face and along where my face meets my hair. The patches start off red and inflamed and sometimes there’s no flaking. That usually comes later.

Scalp psoriasis doesn't define me

When I encounter psoriasis on my hairline, I do my utmost best to hide and disguise it. I make sure when taking a trip to the barbers, that they don’t get rid of my fringe or allow bits of my hairline to be visible.

I’ve often thought over the years, though, that I should be more proud of my condition and so if it does happen again, I think I will be braver this time and not worry too much about where my barber is cutting.

I know, however, that lots of people feel similar to me and cover up their own psoriasis that appears on their hairline. When discussing with friends and other sufferers about psoriasis on the hairline, I often get some good recommendations for moisturizers, lotions, and creams. They can be a big help but they are limited in what they can do.

Instead, I like to use these discussions to reinforce the hope that one day my psoriasis will no longer burden me and I will be able to live life without this condition. I know psoriasis is lifelong but it can go into remission, and when discussing with my fellow sufferers, that’s something that’s probably not mentioned enough.

A look at the range of severity

Different people suffer from psoriasis in different ways and the condition can be small for some, mild for others, and severe for those who face this chronic condition. When it comes to facing difficulties with psoriasis on the hairline, this is no exception.

Some people will get it covering the entire hairline whereas others will only suffer a bit. For some sufferers, they don’t even experience psoriasis on the hairline, so it’s really hit and miss.

It’s important to mention that I’ve been lucky. I am on a biologic injection treatment now which means I no longer have psoriasis on my hairline. After having it there for many years, this came as such a relief. Still, I’m not totally out of the woods.

Having been on two biologic treatments prior, I know that they don’t always work and they can even stop working altogether. This means it’s important to work on both the physical treatment for psoriasis but also seek mental treatment if it’s really bothering you.

Psoriasis on the hairline can be a real pain

It’s in one of the most visible parts of the body which is difficult to disguise unless you grow a fringe and are strict with your hairdresser. However, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome.

If you are seeking treatment for your psoriasis itself, just know that one day something will help and will relieve your symptoms. If you are going for mental health treatment, this is a massive step and I congratulate you.

If you’re still struggling and finding nothing that works, just know that I understand. I have been there. Hairline psoriasis is painful, visible, and downright annoying. But don’t give up. You will find a way through.

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