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How I Plan To Take Care of My Health & Psoriasis This Year

We're a few weeks into the year 2023 now. Mentally, we may all still be recovering from 2020. That said, boy, have the years moved fast. Is the sentiment true - as we get older, time slips quicker? Maybe. Life teaches by experience; the lesson is that life and who we spend it with are fleeting and fragile.

The changes I am making this year to improve my psoriasis management

The years year go on, and my life has grown. So have I. As we're still starting off this new year, I want to stress that "New Year, New Me" is not my thing. Each year, I do try to be better and live better. That has to be enough.

By the end of this year, I would like to look back and feel that I have done the best I can for my mental and physical health, including my psoriasis. So here are a few things I'm prioritizing this year.

A better routine with my vitamins

I am horrid at taking my supplements daily. This is something that has become increasingly important to me. If I want the supplements to work, I must take them regularly. So I have taken out my pill containers to load once a week.

A phone reminder has been set for the year, with the regular intervals I need. All done and dusted and ready for the new year. These should hopefully assist me in building a healthier immune system, Importantly, also bringing my inflammation down.

We all should drink more water!

Staying hydrated is so important for psoriasis and our health in general. To make this a little easier, I have acquired some water bottles that are fun and pretty. This is a big one on my list for the new year.

The type that has daily times on them for how much water I should have had by that time in the day. This is something that I  need to do better for my skin and the rest of my body.

It's time to work on my weight

Even just saying this out loud to myself, I take a deep sigh and have to regulate my mental health. I have had up and down weight for many years. After a traumatic 2022, it got slightly out of hand and is important for my health. So in this new year, I am going to tackle this head-on.

Some people will say that weight has nothing to do with psoriasis. I do not feel that way, though. So I will give it a go and see how it affects my psoriasis. Slowly slowly, without even making a big fuss about it, I will do it.

I want to take care of my mind too

Mental health matters. That is so important; we need to look after our minds. This is something that affects our psoriasis and our daily lives. I want to journal more and go to therapy. Set boundaries,  and stick to them.

I am excited about this. The last two years have been rough, and it is time to put this first.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

My wish for you is a healthy and happy 2023 year. Look after your physical and mental health. Take time to rest and look out for yourself and those your care for. I would love to hear from our community; what are you prioritizing this year? How do you hope to feel at the end of this year? Is your psoriasis a part of that resolution?

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