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Scalp Psoriasis Therapy

Last updated: October 2019

Treating your scalp psoriasis is so deeply time-consuming, not even to mention how exhausting it can be. It is a tedious process that can find even the most resilient of us, deciding that it is not worth the effort. A few days after that we are reminded that it really is a necessity. Like everything else in life, there are ways to make things easier, sometimes even fun. By my very nature, I am not very good at things that have to be done on repeat. It is the reason I cannot plan a week’s meals, choose clothes in advance or think about dinner too early in the day. Many people have asked me why, and honestly, I have no idea, it just does not worth well for me. I enjoy keeping things interesting and adding fun to normally mundane tasks.

Set a date to treat your scalp

Depending on your skin and treatment method, this can be changed to suit your needs, let’s say we start with once a week, using a topical treatment for psoriasis on the scalp. Set a date, stick to it and show up. This is so important, making time for what you need to do; to look after yourself should be a priority, we have to put the work in if we want to get the results. You could enlist a friend, partner, child or anyone really that you feel comfortable with to help you. The company is always welcome, and it is easier when you have an extra set of hands. Choose a good playlist or tune in to your favorite series and get comfortable. I have been known to crack a bottle of wine and turn it into a real shindig for two.

Get organized with all your supplies

When I am planning to get something done, there is nothing that throws me off my game as much as, not having what I need with me. Plan ahead, get all your products, gloves, clips, combs, brushes, topical ointment, towels and anything else you can think of that you could need.

I find that separating my hair into segments works well, starting with rows and sectioning them off bit by bit. I use a watered-down topical ointment approved by my doctor. Applying it little by little, essentially in little squares all over my head. I apply it liberally and this really is the part that takes the most time and it truly helps having an extra set of hands. Think pajama party where you do each other’s hair. I like to ensure that the whole scalp got what it needed and to rub it in good and proper. Once this is on, let it rest and absorb, make sure you have some time to let it settle.

Relaxing while my treatment sets in

This really is like a hair mask or something of the sort and if you shift the way you think about it, you may even find that you enjoy the pamper time. I allow mine to soak on my head for a good while, this is the perfect time to put a silly shower cap on, take some selfies and get your dinner in the oven. Settle down with a cup of tea, a book and or a movie. You could also kick back and catch up on, well nothing, just relaxing and listening to some music.

Once your time has passed, be sure that you take all your goodies to the shower to wash your hair thoroughly, I use a medicated shampoo or a natural one that does not aggravate my skin at all, I apply some apple cider vinegar spray after to soften my hair, wrap it up in a towel and let it dry.

Test out your products

Take care of what products you use and do a test beforehand to make sure it will not make your skin worse. I use the products that I normally use and are tried and tested, I just implement it into a relaxing day or evening and try and make the best of it. Finding that if my attitude towards it is different, it becomes an all-round more enjoyable experience.

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