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Living with Psoriasis: Why I Chose to Do Home Fitness Workouts

Living with psoriasis can conjure up many problems. Firstly, you have to deal with the physical side of the condition: the lesions, how big the lesions on, the itching, scratching and the bleeding. Then, you have to deal with the mental side of the condition: the anxiety and depression that the condition can bring on.

One way to counter these things is by exercising. Exercising can relieve stress and make you feel better. However, it isn’t always easy to go to the gym because you may feel self-conscious or it may just be too painful. I’ve had negative comments and stares because of my psoriasis in the past. But, the main reason why I don’t go to the gym is that when I had psoriasis very badly, the condition was too irritable to be able to use the equipment correctly or attend a class. In other words, it caused me too much pain.

Make home fitness work for your psoriasis

That’s why I decided to do home fitness workouts. Basically, this means working out in front of the TV using a DVD system. There are plenty on the market, but I prefer the more intense workouts because as long as I keep my eating to a healthy regime, I can lose weight or stay at the weight I’m at. I enjoyed doing this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it made me feel better and took my mind off my psoriasis. When you live with a chronic illness such as psoriasis, you can feel like the condition becomes all-consuming. In other words, it’s all you think about and it takes over your mind, body, and soul. But, exercising can help relieve this and relieve any associated stress. When my skin was particularly bad, doing home workouts, I could take breaks or do workouts which fitted more around my skin so I wasn’t itching or becoming irritated when my skin cracked or bled.

Eliminate the psoriasis worry in your workout

I can work out without worrying about people looking at my skin. Again, when my psoriasis was pretty bad, people would stare and look, and it did make me feel very self-conscious. So, this is a way where I can work out without having any of that worry. I know it shouldn’t really affect me but if this makes me feel more comfortable when working out, then I think it’s worth it.

I can find a system that works for me and my skin. Sometimes going to the gym can be repetitive and you can end up losing motivating. But, with a DVD system, you can buy new DVDs or change your system completely to make it more exciting. There are so many on the market. I have done workouts that last only thirty minutes so I can focus so on my work or other tasks I need to get done. Other workouts are an hour-long, and some are even an hour and a half long. But no matter which ones I use, I always feel like I’ve done a good workout and always feel shattered afterward.

Added benefits to home workouts

The gym can be expensive and living with psoriasis is already expensive. I have lots of over-the-counter medications and I used to have to pick up and pay for many prescriptions. Gym memberships themselves can be expensive, you have to enter a contract that comes with its difficulties. A home workout takes all the trouble out of that. You don’t have a contract and you can work out when you like. All you need is a TV and a DVD player.

I enjoy working out using DVDs. I find it better for me and my skin, and it allows me to exercise without the added baggage. I think it’s worth looking at if you’re unsure about the gym but still want something to do. There’s plenty on the market and you can still finish feeling like you’ve got in a good workout.

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