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Psoriasis And Hope

So much of what we do in life depends on hope. This means having the belief that something can happen or will change.

Having a chronic condition like psoriasis can take hope away from you. How long you have the condition for, how severe it is, and how it affects you both mentally and physically can take a huge toll on how you see yourself and where you see your life going.

Those with psoriasis often report feeling hopeless. I know I certainly have throughout my battle with this disease. But it’s important to try and remain hopeful. Why? Because it will aid your recovery; it will make life happier for you, and it will bring you opportunities.

So, what can you do if you’re feeling hopeless but want to start feeling hopeful?

Tips to remain hopeful with psoriasis

Firstly, have a look at advocate stories of success. Start by reading resources on the PlaquePsoriasis website. There are so many people who have posted about feeling down with their treatments or feel like they’re not getting enough support from their medical team who subsequently found that by implementing change that was all overcome.

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I’ve written about my own personal battles with psoriasis, and that after many years of struggle, it was only with Cosentyx that I’ve found true relief.

Finding success takes time

Did I think that was possible 3, 5 or 10 years ago? No. But that’s the power of perseverance and remaining hopeful. Keep going with your treatments and you will find one that works. It may take time and it may cost you some money, but doing so will aid your recovery and will help you live a happier, more meaningful life.

To find other advocate stories or pieces from people who have psoriasis, have a look at Twitter and other social media platforms. There are some great individuals out there who are sharing their recovery journey, and often these haven’t been a simple road: it’s been fraught with jagged edges, and twists and turns.

The important of mental health

Secondly, look at your mental health. Anxiety and depression are not nice conditions to have to live with.

I was diagnosed with both, and I can tell you that I was crippled by it: I couldn’t work, I was isolated at home and lost friends. You don’t need to necessarily spend lots of money, but have a look at the range of options available.

I found medication, therapy, and reading really helped me. The medication helped me to engage with the therapy, while the reading gave me an understanding of emotional problems, and gave me the tools to know what to look out for in the future.

Social support and support groups

Thirdly, find social support. That can be a support group of people with psoriasis and/or friends and family. Talk through your concerns and see if they can lend an ear. It may not resolve all your problems but it will provide you with a vacuum to vent.

Hope is important to maintain when living with a chronic condition. It will give you the drive needed to see or make a change. Please, do try and stay hopeful. It can be difficult. It can be tiring. It can seem like nothing is going to improve. But, only by maintaining hope can you possibly seek something that’s better and more rewarding.

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