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Does How You Feel About Your Psoriasis Improve With Age?

I’ve had psoriasis for many years. The condition first flared when I was 11. My mother noticed the red lesions on my scalp and I was taken to the doctor.

Fast forward to now, and well, it’s been a bit of a journey. From starting in my scalp to spreading over most of my body, giving me huge amounts of coverage. There, though, has been times when my patches have been less red, severe and itchy, but other times where the process has felt unbearable because of widespread patches covering me from head to toe.

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Psoriasis is not just physical

You see, the thing about psoriasis is it’s not just a physical condition. Yes, the patches can be big. And yes, they can be very sore. And of course, they can be itchy. And believe me, when I say itchy, I mean itchy to the point where it can stop you sleeping and from being able to pursue studies or a career.

So, the other side of this condition is the mental anguish. Every day can feel like a battle. Your patches worsen, and so does any peppering anxiety and depression. You can have days where you don’t want to get out of bed or don’t feel like socialising with your friends and family.

When the patches get better, your mental health can also improve. You may rejoice at the fact your body feels less itchy, less visible and courting less comments from strangers or potential love interests.

From this experience, I’ve learned that it can feel like your psoriasis and your attitude to your psoriasis can get better with age. At least, it has for me.

Life has gotten better for me

Being a teenager with this condition was difficult. I didn’t enjoy socializing. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. And I didn’t find much joy from situations I put myself in. Yet, as I’ve grown up and entered my 20s - and soon to be 30s - I’ve managed to become a lot stronger about the patches and what I’m experiencing.

Yes, my psoriasis isn’t as bad as it once was. But as I say, this is not just a physical condition. Don’t forget, psoriasis is a life-long autoimmune ailment. It flares up in cycles; will get better some times and get worse over others, but it’s never truly gone.

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I guess what I am trying to say is over time, life has got so much better for me and my psoriasis. No longer is it a huge demon. It, instead, is just a bit of a nuisance or distraction. Would I say I now love having psoriasis? No. Definitely not. But I don’t see it as the grotesque condition I once did. I am now embracing it. Embracing the moisturizers, oils, and a daily routine around making the best of the cards I’ve been dealt. And I think that’s important. Learning to appreciate yourself. Your condition. Who you are as a person.

So if you’re struggling with your psoriasis, just know that with time, it can get better. Yes, the psoriasis may not disappear, but you’re still here, you’re living. You’re learning new strategies to help you through. And that matters. So keep it up.

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