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This or That: Psoriasis and Intimacy

Because every person living with psoriasis is different, how we handle certain psoriasis related situations can differ as well. Today, we would like to explore psoriasis and intimacy. We are interested in hearing more about your journey with psoriasis and how you have approached sex and intimacy in the past.

Let's play This or That to find out more about you!

This OR that: Psoriasis and intimacy!

Select your personal preferences in the boxes below and see how they align with other community members who have participated! Feel free to skip any questions that do not apply to you. 🙂

Psoriasis causes red, scaly patches on the skin that can be located on all areas of the body. These plaques can be painful and itchy, and in some cases, can make you feel unattractive. It's normal for these physical symptoms to lower your self-image and interfere with sexual intimacy.

This or That

Psoriasis has played a ___ role in my sex life.

This or That

Before I am intimate with a partner(s), it is important that I tell them about my psoriasis.

A chronic skin condition that is subject to flare-ups can cause you to feel self-conscious and vulnerable. Having a partner or partners who sees you, the person you are, and not only your skin condition can be reassuring. Remember, above all else, it is important that you have a partner or partners who are willing to listen to your needs.

This or That

It has been difficult for me to open up to my partner(s) about my psoriasis in the past.

This or That

My partner(s) have been receptive about me sharing my experience with psoriasis.

It is totally possible to have a healthy, active sex life while living with psoriasis, but communication is key! It's important for your partner(s) (or your prospective partners) to know what you like and dislike, especially when it comes to navigating around your psoriasis. Opening up generally leads to good sexual health and a closer, more satisfying relationship.

This or That

I feel ___ when it comes to having sex with a partner(s).

This or That

I have had to avoid having physical sex because of my psoriasis.

It's important to remember that intimacy is more than just physical sex. There are many ways to feel close to a partner or partners without having intercourse, including having deep conversations, holding hands, or taking a bath or shower together. When in doubt, get creative and don't be afraid to try new things!

This or That

I have found other ways of being intimate with my partner(s) besides physical sex.

This or That

Psoriasis has changed the way I think about sex and intimacy.

Thank you for playing This or That, and teaching us more about the preferences of this wonderful community!

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