An adult woman with plaque psoriasis tries desperately to itch her back

Psoriasis On The Back: An Itch You Just Can't Scratch!

Last updated: April 2023

We're all familiar with what an itch feels like. It's a direct message from our brain that sends a sharp, surprising sensation to a specific area of our body that can only be relieved with a nice relieving scratch. Those with psoriasis get this message more than the average person, and with a bonus message of sharp pain.

Psoriasis on the back is a special kind of itch

Itching has always intrigued me since I was a little girl. It's mind-bending, and it all started with the endless itch caused by mosquito bites back in the day. Though that's where it started, my mind and body had no idea what would be in store after the onset of plaque psoriasis symptoms.

I've gone to extreme lengths and tested many different methods to relieve that dreaded psoriasis itch. Over the years, I have tried some of the strangest things and found new ways to give a semblance of relief. The most inconvenient itch to have a painful psoriasis itch? On our backs, of course!

Relieving psoriasis on the center of my back

Can you reach the center of your back alone? Of course, not. A slight itch in the wrong spot to someone who doesn't live with psoriasis can be annoying and irritating. What if that itch never ended? Well, well, well.

I have a proverbial toolbox of itchy, scratchy tools. These are the tools that I use when I can no longer stand or fail to reach that painful itch I turn to.

  • The sharp corner of a cupboard, and I have a favorite corner in my home.
  • An extra-large serving fork, which is reserved for this purpose only
  • A soft bristled back washing brush, this stops me from shredding my skin in the process
  • A mini garden rake that can be found in the kids' section at your local garden center.
  • I tap my daughter in for a good scratch. I tell her to scratch it like she means it!

As you can see, I've gotten creative here. It's a shame that evolution couldn't help us out with longer arms to reach that inconceivable place that itches at just the right time.

Tips for applying psoriasis treatment to the center of your back

So you can find different ways to scratch that itch, but what about treating it? It's not going to go away, and you risk worsening the area - which is the last thing we want. So how do we get to the source with all of our human limitations?

This is a tricky one, especially when you are alone. How can we get all the creams, ointments, and moisturizers to a place we simply cannot reach?! Here are a few tips and tricks straight from my own methods. They might not always be the best, but they sure are better than nothing.

A spray bottle for a moisturizer

I will even dilute my cream with some pre-boiled and cooled water to make it easier. This way, I can apply the cream more than once a day, and I get quite a lot applied. This can really help when your skin is extra dry.

A Spatula

Yes, you heard me right; a silicone spatula is what I use. This is not one that goes into my kitchen. It's now the bathroom spatula. I apply a cream to it and literally slap it down on the psoriasis on my back, and it applies rather smoothly. This can be effective for ointment too.

Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

So, I shared my own approach and tactics when it comes to that particular itch you just can't seem to scratch. In fact, I made myself pretty vulnerable by sharing some tips that are a little embarrassing (but effective!)

I would love to hear from you. Is there anything I should be doing differently that you find helpful? If you have tried any strange ways to reach that itch, or if you have a magic way of reaching psoriasis on your back when you are home alone, please share! I've got your back - you can at least have mine!

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