An exhausted adult male scratches at his in frustration while laying in bed

Psoriasis Itching Is Disrupting My Sleep!

I think we can all agree the most maddening symptom of psoriasis is the dreaded, constant itch. We all know scratching is considered a big no-no; I call it my guilty pleasure.

I mean, c'mon. We know we shouldn't do it, but we've all gotten to the point where you can either let it drive you insane or you succumb to the temporary scratchy relief. At night, this chronic itch seems to heighten, and I find myself doing a dance with my covers.

Do you scratch in your sleep?

When I attempt to relax and put myself to sleep, it almost seems like that's when my psoriasis comes out to play. I can't figure out the right balance of sheets and blankets - I worry that my body temperature may worsen the itching. When I finally doze off, my husband even told me I scratch in my sleep!

Has your psoriasis itch ever woken you up from sleep? Well, this is currently my own predicament. I wish I could go back to simply scratching in my sleep subconsciously because now, this itch is waking me from a sound sleep.

Why now? Why is this itch interfering with the little sleep I already get? Hasn't this condition already taken so much from me? These are questions I think about now while I am laying there, unable to sleep.

What could be causing this nighttime itch?

This new type of itching is the right kind of annoying. I haven't done anything different to trigger this inconvenience. I have the same sheets. No change in laundry detergent or even soap, for that matter. I was on an antihistamine daily, but I no longer take it.

My current doctor didn’t think antihistamines would control the psoriasis-specific itching. What else could it be? I could take some store-bought antihistamine, but I’m not sure it would have the same things in it as the prescribed one.

I don’t like taking a bunch of medication, but you know what else? I don’t like not sleeping.

Is a good night's sleep with psoriasis even possible?

You can bet your itchy self I will bring this topic back up with my doctor. I need some advice here. Have you ever been on an antihistamine to control the itching? I have tried the topicals. They never control the itch for long.

How many nights are you supposed to go without sleep before you are so drained that your body collapses? I would really love to hear what has helped you because I am at a tipping point. No way I am the only person who has dealt with this. Help, please.

There is so much runaround and change when managing psoriasis treatment. If something works for one person, why can't the doctor just leave it alone? You may be able to tell I'm getting worn down here. I would just like to have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

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