How Large Can Psoriasis Patches Actually Get?

First of all, I don’t want this to scare you. Everyone’s psoriasis is different and some people will get small lesions while others get bigger ones. Yours may stay small. Yet, I know from my own journey with this condition, that psoriasis patches can get very large. So, how large can they exactly get?

The truth is, and this is from my own understanding of what’s happened to me, psoriasis patches can basically grow enough to cover most of your body. Now, it’s important to say that in most cases, this does not happen. And if it does, it can be treated quickly and the lesions do subside. But, here’s my story.

The worst flare I have ever had

I can’t remember exactly when it happened but some years ago during a flare-up, I noticed I had patches over most of my body. Small ones. Medium-sized ones. And larger ones. I thought it was just another flare affecting my body and they would go away with a few ointments or maybe some light treatment (once I had cleared the waiting list for it). But no. They didn’t. Instead, I had what was like the world map on my body. The smaller ones started to grow bigger over the time. So much so, that they ended up combining with other patches to create even larger ones. In the end, I must have been about 80 percent covered and it was genuinely the most horrific experience I’ve had with this condition.

As you can imagine, dealing with such an outbreak took a huge toll on my mental health and I spent a lot time worrying about what clothes to wear, if, when the weather was warm, people would stare at the patches on my legs, and just generally, how people would react when seeing me. Yet, I got through it. It was tough. Really tough. But, I did it. And that’s something to celebrate. As sufferers, we don’t often look back and think how great we are at dealing with something so horrendous and difficult.

You can get through it

Looking back at that time, I’m now in a much better place with my skin. I want to say that you can and will get through it. If your patches are growing, then don’t panic. Go back to your medical team and if its gets too tough ask to see a dermatologist or doctor quickly.

I had to wait to see mine but they did offer solutions whenever I had my assessments. It’s not nice and it’s not easy, but if it’s affecting your mental state, reach out to a professional. Or, if don’t feel up to it, speak to a friend or family member. Keep the communication going because, as I’ve said, you will get through it.

With this condition, we’re told a lot that it’s an auto-immune disease, will come and go throughout our life, but there are plenty of treatments which can help. We can often lose sight of hope when we’re experiencing a particularly challenging flare-up, but we should always remember that brighter days are ahead and we will get to them. Try and not let your large patches bother you.

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