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Psoriasis Makeup Routine

Last updated: May 2019

Facial psoriasis has always been one of the worst for me. It’s the hardest to hide when you do not feel like facing the world with your skin on show. The skin on a person’s face seems so much more sensitive and that makes using certain products very hard. It was also one of the most painful for me, when the skin cracks, my whole face hurt. I am lucky enough that mine goes into remission for longer periods at a time and I am able to keep it at bay with minimal maintenance.

I am not ashamed of my skin anymore, I have quite literally become too thick skinned for that. Some days though I would really just not like to see it, or answer people's questions about it all. I don’t want to see eyes of pity or curiosity as I cross the road or walk into a restaurant. In fact, if only for a little while I would like to just be a part of the background.

Choosing a brand

A large part of stepping away from the all of it, for woman mostly is using makeup. These days there are some amazing brands out there, they can hide anything shy of a bad personality. They offer you all sorts of benefits and hydration, if you believe the marketing you would buy enough to bathe in. When looking for a brand of foundation, there are a few things that are important to me. The product should be cruelty-free, goodness knows there is enough cruelty in this world, and no beauty product is worth the suffering of another. Also, the product quality is important, if I am going to be spreading this all over my skin and especially my face. I do not want the quality to be inferior, this often means you will pay more for something. This is where using minimal makeup is beneficial.

Pre-care and removal

My best friend’s mom would have our butts as young adults if we had worn makeup and not washed it off. Especially before you go sleep, mind you she is still pretty serious about it. So my conclusion is that it is very important, this is a skill I am still learning. As I do not often wear makeup, it is not a habit for me. I do choose to use olive oil or coconut oil as a makeup remover, it is very effective and naturally hydrating for your skin. Pre-care I find to be equally important and should be part of the routine. I like to wash my face and apply a good moisturizer and let it settle before applying foundation. My skin copes better this way and cooler skin means calmer psoriasis.

Give your skin a rest

Rest is always important, in particular for us so my opinion is that it should be the same for our skin too. It is my choice not to wear make up every day. My skin does not take kindly to it and I will soon feel a flare brewing if I push my luck.  If you do choose to wear it every day, take a day or two on the weekend and allow your skin to rest and get some fresh air. Alternatively, you could remove it as soon as you get home, instead of only before you go to bed.

Never forget that you are beautiful just the way you are, never feel that you are not enough if you don’t wear makeup or dress a certain way. Find what works for you and do that. There is no amount of psoriasis that can hide a beautiful person as you radiate from within.

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