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Can I Ask You Something?

Every month, sometimes twice a month I make my way to my pharmacist. I always have questions written on my notepad. I am taking so many medications that I am afraid the doctors might miss something. I like to discuss some things with these people who could save my life. I have had the same one for almost 20 years.

Getting questions answered

Many think they are hands-off, but I have found that not to be true. I’ve had many times when I have had questions about a certain medication I was taking. I would email or call a direct number and get my question answered at once. I believe they want us to ask questions. I also feel I have the security of having more than one person in the medical field looking out for me. My pharmacist knows just as much about my medical history as my doctors do.

I do remember asking a particular question years ago to a new person. This person didn’t know the answer, so I realized at that time; they are not doctors. I actually got my answer from the company that produces my medication and I was satisfied with the answer.

Patient-pharmacist relationship

More and more people feel that the pharmacist doesn't want to engage in answering any questions. I hope this is not the case because as a patient I would be very concerned. If you can't tell me what I need to know are you actually helping the patient? I would say no because there is a lack of communication which leads me to believe a lack of concern.

A good pharmacist will take the time to discuss which food and drinks cause medication interactions, activities that need to be avoided, and what to do in case a dosage is missed. They should make the patient feel comfortable when they leave.

We must be responsible enough to know what we are consuming in our bodies. I'm in communication with all those playing a role in my wellbeing. It's more than the physician, but all those who are active participates in what it takes for my treatment to work. Therefore do these people have a right to be standoffish and unapproachable? I don't think so. Accountability on our part is where it begins. Pharmacists should never demean or belittle a patient when they have been responsible, communicative and mature about any of their medications.

Choosing a good pharmacist

I have the right as a patient to ask questions. I have the right as a patient to know what is being put in my body. I have a right to know where I am in the eyes of these health professionals that is needed in my life. As a patient we should choose our pharmacist meticulously; the same way we do with our doctors. Look for one that keeps your medical history on file, and is very much attentive to drug interactions and side effects. This is so important when you are on a lot of medications.

It can be a challenge for many psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients as we don’t want to speak what’s in our hearts. I have graduated to a higher level of wanting to know so much more. Do we just accept what is told to us? No, at some point we need to map out where we are and where we are going and the only way we can do this is by getting factual information that would prove beneficial in knowing these pertinent things.

I have seen a lot and been through a lot and learned plenty. I consider my pharmacist a key player in my health. I will never learn every phase of my disease. Psoriasis can be debilitating, this is why I want to engage with people who know exactly the long-term benefits of what I consumed in my body.

Safety first

Pharmacists do more than just give out pills. They have to make calls to the insurance companies who deny us drug coverage from time to time. They have to ask questions about a prescription that might not go with another drug you are already taking. They even reach out to you to tell you when your prescription is ready. There are some people who can’t miss a dose of their medications.

In my opinion, I have found my pharmacist to be very knowledgeable in their field. They know about prescriptions, their uses, and are always on the lookout for catching any issues that the doctors might miss. They will stop what they are doing to make sure I am there top propriety at the moment. I would say pharmacist are unsung heroes for the sick.

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