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Did You Wake Up This Morning Angry? Could Psoriasis Be The Cause?

Today I woke up feeling like I was so mad, but not at anything in particular that I could put my finger on. My psoriasis is flaring, which has me concerned that I might be failing another treatment. However, I do not believe that is the problem. I deal with anxiety every day, but today, it feels more than that.

My husband is my rock most of the time. I say most of the time because, as all married couples do, we have our moments. This morning I just feel like I want to explode on him, but he has done nothing to warrant that. Ugh, I just feel like if I scream, it would make it better somehow, but who knows?

Losing all sense of control!

All of us that manage psoriasis face a spectrum of emotions. For all these years, I have learned to keep my emotions in check most of the time. Again I say most of the time because I am human, and there are days or times I fail.

I take medication to help control my anxiety and other emotions. I can’t imagine what I would be like if I didn’t have the medication to control it. What I am feeling this morning is not anxiety. My house is a mess. I just can’t seem to get a handle on getting it clean.

There are things that have happened this year that have contributed to me not having the time to clean like I want to. As a private housekeeper for many years, I pride myself on keeping up with what needs to be done. Because of these unforeseen situations, I feel like I haven’t kept up with what needed to be done at all.

Is my current psoriasis flare at the root of these feelings?

I guess my anger is a culmination of all of these things coming together to make a perfect storm. My psoriasis flaring, my daily anxiety, the mess, and the unforeseen situations all culminated in a feeling of anger and dread.

Have you ever felt mad at the world for a reason you could not explain? Is it psoriasis the root that makes us feel this way? Who is to say? As I sit here drinking my coffee, trying not to explode, I keep looking for reasons as to why I feel this way. I keep coming up empty with no particular answers.

I can say that putting it here on paper seems to help. Maybe it is seeing my own words describing my thoughts that make it feel therapeutic. Have you ever felt this way before? As soon as you open your eyes, you are instantly angry. At what? Can you explain it?

Trying to remember that these feelings are temporary.

Having psoriasis definitely puts us on a journey that none of us are ready for. I know I have gone through every emotion there is. I have been angry at the fact of simply having psoriasis. I have been angry that there is no cure. And yet here I am again, feeling angry with no explanation for it.

All I can say at this point is I know there are better days ahead. I have gotten through those stages of emotions before, and I will again. I just know I cannot be the only one that has ever started off their day like this.

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