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New Year Intentions With Psoriasis

Social media is alight with the “brace yourself for all the new year resolutions” memes. I've also come across a few other memes that encourage that no one should claim 2021 as their year. That it's imperative they should simply tiptoe through the year, not touching anything or make too much noise.

Looking towards a new year

You guys, 2020 has been a year, for so many people it has been a year of immense growth, loss, and tragedy. My heart goes out to every single person who was affected and suffered loss during this time. May the new year bring fresh hope and new memories of happiness.

With my birthday being on the very last day of the year, I have always seen the 1st of January as a real fresh start. When I was younger and not so wise, we would party our way into the new year and often started the new year with a sordid hangover and some immediate regret. Does not seem the best way to start the new year, does it?

A new take on resolutions

As I have gotten older and way wiser, I have found that I really enjoy starting my new year with a fresh rested mind and body. I watch the sunrise and set my intentions for the year ahead. Along with my age has come the realization of what is important. As such, my resolutions have grown with me and become healthier and less shallow if you will.

This is not something I usually share, but I would like to share my 2021 resolutions with you. 2021 is coming straight off the back of my growth during 2020.

  • Making my health a priority. My health will be coming first. Being some who battle autoimmune diseases on a daily basis, this is super important for me and those around me.
  • Practicing gratitude. Start every day thankful, before my toes touch the ground. I want to remind myself of one thing that I am grateful for. Write it down before I get out of bed and drop it in a jar.
  • More screen breaks. Less technology gives me time to live in the moment more. Less phone time can only help. Life is what happens when we are scrolling through social media. Time to use it more responsibly and keep it in check.
  • Practice mindfulness. Meditation, even if it is a five minute guided meditation is going down once a day. I would like to build mindful habits, taking the time to stop. This will hopefully help me manage my stress better which in turn will help me manage my autoimmune conditions better.
  • Healthy lifestyle. My health journey is a 2020 resolution that I am not done with yet. Eating better, working out, and in general just making better choices for my body is going into 2021 as well. This has become an ongoing lifestyle for me and one that I am really enjoying.
  • Self-care. Be kinder to me and to others while keeping healthy boundaries in place. Over the years I have learned that doing kind things for myself is not selfish. It is rather the acceptance and acknowledgment that I am as important as the people to who I also show kindness.

I wish you all well on your journey into the new cycle around the sun. May your health improve and your memories full of love and peace. Stay safe out there.

Will you be making New Year’s resolutions? Do you set a timeline or just let it flow?

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