I’m Living My Best Life

What does that really mean to me? Does this mean I have arrived because I have a little money saved, or that I own more than one house or that I drive a new vehicle or have a great job!! You tell me. None of that matters to me; I have been poor, lived in a one-room apartment, drove a hooptie and mop floors. Yes, I have reached the finish line, but what did it take to get here?

What did it take to get here?

Remember that living your best life you had to have some ups and downs. I have had plenty of downs living with severe psoriasis for 55 years and psoriatic arthritis for over 35 years. It has been a struggle to get to this road where I have found success. I have had plenty of moments where I didn’t know if I would ever have a future, a relationship of any, or financial stability. There was a moment in my life where my doctor wanted to put me on full disability. This would have changed my life drastically. I used to wake up crying and having anxiety attacks and was fearful of not making it.

Advocating for myself

Sometimes you have to say that it's okay to be stressed, but remember to speak to someone if you have signs of depression. I learned long ago to be my own best advocate. I had to educate myself on my disease and understand what was happening in my body. I had to learn all about the treatment options out there for me. You don’t have to settle.

Advocating for others

When I started giving back to others it helped me look at my situation differently. I started a support group to help me and others stay connected to each other. I had to learn how to empower myself before empowering others. It makes you feel good to talk to people about how your disease can influence your life especially in areas such as your job, with family and friends and with your mental health.

Work on uplifting yourself

I don't blame myself for all the years that I've been sick. I didn’t cause myself to have a chronic illness and so I shouldn't place blame. I used to feel embarrassed and always felt self-conscious about myself. I must remind myself that people in great shape get sick at some point in their life. Don’t put yourself down and stop worrying about what others think of your condition.

Reflecting back on my life with psoriasis

As I’ve got older, I look back over the years and realize that I am living my best life at this very moment. I am strong and living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis has allowed me to be the best. Trust me, I don’t have to tell you my strengths; I show you in everything that I do daily. I share my journey to inspire others, not for pity. When you share your life with others, you would be surprised at how other people open up to you. My strength has pushed me through some hard times but I have to help myself through the good times too.

What makes me happy? Of course, family and friends are number one, but there are times I must search for meaning outside of myself which means I have to look at the interest of others. I have the courage and strength to keep me strong and to do things that are difficult and challenging.

Being grategul

I am grateful for the life I have lived. I wouldn’t change a thing. I am the strongest I’ve ever been in life and living my best life. I used to let my illness consume me, but not anymore. Yes, it is a part of me, but it doesn’t define who I am. My sickness helps me to grow and understand what other people are going through. If I ever do have a bad day I let my happiness shine through to live my best.

The bottom line is that I know my purpose in this life and I know what to do with it. I have goals to achieve and I am living up to my potential and when I pass that goal I will set the bar even higher, so yes, I am living my best life; are you?

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