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Last updated: October 2018

Parenting, oh my goodness a world of possibility, challenges and everyday things you would never have thought of. I am the single parent of a firecracker little toddler who like most children, wants me to do EVERYTHING with her all the time. This sometimes presents us with some challenges when adding psoriasis to the mix.

Psoriasis limitations

Kids do not always understand things as we would like them too, and they also have a way to put things into perspective for us from a very simple way of thinking. Whether we like it or not, there are certain restrictions that come into play when we have psoriasis and we have sensitivities to certain things. These things affect our daily lives and that of our children. There are tasks that are not as easy as the used to be, there are activities that used to be second nature to us that are no longer doable. This is especially true when trying to explain to a four or five year old why you cannot partake in something that all the other parents are doing.

Over time, I have learned to know what my limitations are and what I can or can’t do. Another thing I learned is to allow another parent or friend to step in and help. Let people be there for you and be sure that your kiddo does not miss out on everything because you are unable to do them too. Stay on the sidelines and be the greatest supporter you can be, therefore still being part of what is going on.

Striking a balance

Swimming is by far one of the greatest challenges, my skin does not deal with chlorinated pools at all on any level. My little girl LOVES swimming she could spend the entire day in an outdoor pool in summer and indoor in winter. She will often beg me and plead with me to get in with her. All she wants is to see her momma swimming with her, sometimes I will stick my one leg in to show her what it does, and it helps her understand. I can do saltwater pools, and the ocean so I try and stick to what is easiest for me and still getting the one on one time with this little one doing what she loves.

I have psoriatic arthritis and this too brings its own rules of engagement with regards to be my limitations. I am still figuring this one out.

Spreading awareness

As she grows up I know that there are things that she will want me to do and I will not always be able to do it, and kids are not the only ones who do not get it. Other parents can be so very judgmental and hard on the nerves, and this is not everyone. Do your best to handle it with grace and dignity without allowing people to be hurtful. Educate children as you go along and teach them that it is okay to look different.

Teaching my daughter that it is okay to look different and be different is by far more important than the need to fit in and be accepted. She has more compassion than most and while I know this is part of her personality, I think to think that maybe, just maybe some of the lessons are sinking in at an early age.

I would love to hear what some of your greatest challenges are and how you deal with them.

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