My Plate Is Full

Last updated: June 2018

There are some givens in this life. One of them is to be served with a plate for your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When we are extremely hungry, we sometimes tend to overload our plates with more food than we actually need. I am guilty of this. The old folks used to say, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”. When I thought of this I thought of my psoriasis and it reminded me of the same thing. My plate is filled to the overflow. I have a checklist of so many things until it’s not funny.

I have a checklist for doctor appointments, getting prescriptions filled, dermatologist appointments, the rheumatologist and so many other appointments associated with my illness. I know everybody can relate to the business of today's economy; the hustle and bustle of going here and getting there. There are twenty-four hours in a day, but I need a few more hours. My plate is definitely full and every cup is running over.

An extra serving

When you have an illness and are being treated for it, sometimes I tend to let things slip my mind. Well, this is just a story of my day of forgetfulness. I made a very important appointment with my dermatologist due to some concerns I had regarding my psoriasis. I purposely set it for the middle of the day, so I could get myself together and not be restless. I wrote it down on my appointment board and put it in plain sight.

Well, can I tell you that I literally forgot I didn’t have a car that day! I jumped up and realized this was the morning for my appointment. I immediately went to the telephone and called my dermatologist and told the office what had happened. I wanted to be seen later that day, but there were no openings. I felt really dumb to forget I didn’t have my car at home. I was going to catch a cab, but would still be late getting there. I resorted to rescheduling it for another day. It totally slipped my mind.

Rearrange your plate

You might think that this could happen to anyone and you're right. But this happens more often when we have a disease such as psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. We take on too much. Our plates become full and sometimes things can just be forgotten. We have to be mindful that sometimes we can’t do it all. We need to ask for help. It can be overbearing and overwhelming.

Believe it or not, I push myself to do more and I forget that I must not overdo myself. I must take my time on everything I do. Overdoing anything can wreak havoc on your body. Time is a precious commodity and has its value. I am prepared to not let my plate run over to the point it is stressing my body out. If I feel I’ve got too much going on now, I simply remove some things off my plate. I categorize what is important and I take it from there. It has made my psoriasis much better and I’m able to function in a place where I’m less forgetful, less anxious and it makes for a good day.

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