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Ode To Psoriasis

Patient leader, Vickie Wilkerson was 33 years old when psoriasis presented itself. Now 16 years later she still lives and manages active plaque psoriasis. As she likes to say "psoriasis is just the gift that keeps on giving" meaning six years ago it developed into psoriatic arthritis as well.

She decided to share how she feels about this chronic condition in the way of a poem...

One psoriasis poem...

How I loathe thee let me count the ways.
It would make this poem too long to say all I want to say.
I hate the look, the feel, and all the nasty things you do to my skin.
You try hard to make me gross in all thy ways I will not pen.
I have to live with you but I promise I will not give in.

How I like you- what- as if that is even possible?
It is because you gave my life purpose without meaning to.
How could that be?
You actually brought a fighting side out in me.
A voice of advocacy I never thought could be.
You brought into my life a psoriasis family.

While I both like you and hate you for various reasons.
I wish I could charge you with treason.
Then you would be out of my life,
What a glorious day to cheer,
With all of my peers.

One day there will be a cure.
I am certain of that for sure.
No cure is what we deal with now.
To live that way we will not take a bow.
May this find a mark with each of you
As I bid this ode adieu.

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