Keeping It Positive with Psoriasis

For me, there is so much that accompanies a psoriasis diagnosis. Sure, there's what you see on the outside; the flakes, sores, and cracking skin.

But I feel flaky, sore, and cracking on the inside too. Depression hit me hard. Insecurity hit me hard. Life hit me hard. That's when I got into the habit of writing down quotes and positive affirmations on index cards and posting them around my room.

Keep your psoriasis thoughts positive

According to, an affirmation is "the assertion that something exists or is true." So, a positive affirmation is just a positive, true statement. I don't think I'm alone when I tell you that I have said countless negative things to myself. "I'm fat", "I don't look pretty today", "My skin looks gross, I am gross", etc.

It's so easy to put ourselves down but wouldn't it be just as easy to lift ourselves up?

Do positive thoughts work?

In one study, a group of college women who were experiencing depressive symptoms was asked to use techniques such as thought stopping and positive affirmations. This was for a period of 18 months. The intent was to reduce negative thinking and, guess what? It worked!

According to the study, "the women in the intervention group experienced a greater decrease in depressive symptoms and negative thinking and a greater increase in self-esteem than those in the control group."

Take on psoriasis with positivity

So, go ahead, write down those positive thoughts. Tape them to your bathroom mirror as a morning reminder that you are going to slay and conquer the day. Keep a few in your wallet to pull out on the move.

Just remember that you are beautiful, you are worth it, and you got this!

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