Preparing For the Storm

Last updated: June 2018

This has definitely been a season for hurricanes and disasters. My sister was in Florida and I was asking her over the phone, do you have food, water, clothes, flashlights, blankets, batteries, cell phone back up to get through this?

As I was sitting one night thinking about this I was wondering what I would need to survive a storm. I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and some days can’t get out of bed. Would I be thinking about batteries and flashlights; probably not?

Many people have survival kits for road trips, hurricanes, and tornadoes. No one, except someone with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis would think to have an emergency kit just for us. Clearly living with this disease is a struggle, so it only makes sense to be prepared. We have to be ready for flare-ups, stress, pain, stares and sarcastic remarks that comes along with psoriasis.

What items would you need to pack to survive the storm?

Each person’s survival kit will be equipped with products that work best for them. We are all different with different needs. Here are some things I would pack for me.

Lint brush

A lint brush, no matter where I go, I will be wearing clothes and there are days the flakes are there and noticeable on my clothes. A lint brush will get me out of some embarrassing moments.

Pain relief items

I will also need some arthritis cream or pain relief rub. You can carry an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain med like Motrin but be sure to consult your physician. If you have a prescription, then you can carry these as backup.

Heating pad

A heating pad or heating patches is one of those simple things that can comfort our pain. Essential oils are very good. Not only do essential oils have healing and therapeutic properties, they are amazing at relieving stress. There are many oils that can help with pain, psoriasis, stress and even elevating our mood.

Reading materials

Have good books on hand. Keeping a prayer or scripture book, positive affirmation, journal or even books that make you laugh are all forms of daily medicine when dealing with psoriasis under a stressful situation. Even your favorite magazine or crossword puzzle can help.

First aid kit

Don’t forget your first aid kit; when living with psoriasis there is bound to be times you scratch too hard and break the skin of an infected or affected area that may start to bleed.


Moisturizing cream or soothing creams is always a must. This goes without saying, keeping your skin hydrated and moist is the key to keeping us calm. You need to have your “go to” creams and a backup cream ready. Don’t forget to pack some aloe vera gel (cold pressed or organic), you might get cracks, wounds, and even very dry patches. Aloe vera gel is your best friend. Don’t skimp, invest in the good stuff.

Brush or comb

If you have scalp psoriasis; bring a massaging brush or comb, scalp flakes can become a serious issue. This is why brushing your hair just once may not do the trick. Keep a comb or brush handy in case you need to get rid of some scales.

Keeping yourself organized and prepared will help with unexpected surprises or unforeseen incidents. Having these things at your fingertips will also reduce stress and help you on the hardest of days. You can’t control the rollercoaster of life but you can be a little prepared for it.

Author note: My sister and family all survived hurricane Irma. They can’t go back to their homes, jobs or school and don’t know when they can; but everyone is safe.

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