A pair of tired inflamed eyes with psoriasis on the eyelids.

Debunking The Myth - Psoriasis On Your Eyelids

"No one has plaques here" was what a doctor told me years ago about my eyelids. Many times, I have looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw flakes and had pain at times. Squinting my eyes and peering closer; if this is not psoriasis, what is it? Whatever a doctor told me back in the day, I took for gospel.

I will never forget these words from a doctor, “You might need to wash your face a little better, you have a few flakes on your eyelids.” This was an ophthalmologist that said these hurtful words to me so many years ago. The sad part about this is that I was too scared to tell him I had psoriasis.

Psoriasis appearing on the face and eyelids

I can’t remember when psoriasis first showed up on my face, to be honest. So many areas of my body have been covered in psoriasis and it has been decades.

Plaques on eyelids affect around 10% of all psoriasis warriors. It’s a body part that’s particularly tricky to care for given how thin the skin is, which makes it much more sensitive. We hear about so many beauty and cosmetic professionals supporting eye products that are gentle on the eyes and that’s precisely why.

Rubbing my eyes

A thing of the past was always rubbing my eyes when I was tired or when I just woke up. I tried to stop these old habits years ago. Years ago I had bad eyelid psoriasis; along with the pain.

It’s as though I have had a perpetual sty sitting on top of my eyelids and it would hurt to look upwards with my eyeballs. My family members and friends always remember me as a fantastic eye-roller. But not when my eyelids flare. I can’t do it.

For people who have double eyelids, you’d empathize with the slight irritation that comes with every blink because of the constant folding in and out of your creases. This has been more apparent for me when I’m experiencing a flare-up.

The eyelids tend to swell a little more and occasionally I can feel my eyelashes poking my eye. Not a very pleasant feeling.

Different creams for different types of psoriasis

I don’t mean to imply that your creams don't work; they sure do. There are just different corticosteroids that target various areas of your body.

Speak to your dermatologist if you haven't been prescribed one specifically for your eyelids because they cannot handle strong potent creams. Back in the day, I used baby oil on mine just to loosen up the flakes.

I know we sometimes wish we could close our eyes forever so that we don't have to feel the pain or a flake sticking out and poking our skin when we blink.

Your eyelids can be managed under the proper supervision; don’t give in or give up.

There are 2 things that I swear by whenever anyone asks me how I take care of my eyelids.

How I take care of psoriasis on my eyelids

Tender and loving care

First, never use a facial scrub near your eyes. You can apply it to the rest of your face but just avoid the area surrounding your eyes. The last thing you want is the micro-beads scratching or creating abrasion against your skin.

Hydrating eye lotion

One drop of a hydrating eye lotion dabbed gently onto your eyelids does wonders. Just lightly spread it from end to end. I enjoy the cooling sensation but consult your doctor before putting anything in your eyes.

What other uncommon or unlikely parts of your body have psoriasis that you think no one else would have? Comment and share. I have a "doozy" coming up in my next article. You won’t want to miss this one.

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