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The Psoriasis Starter Kit

Since I have had psoriasis, I’ve come to realize there a few items I absolutely cannot live without. My skin can get extremely dry and flaky at times so no matter what time of year and no matter where I am, I can never be without these items. I call this list my “Psoriasis Starter Kit”.

A good moisturizer

My skin definitely tends to be much drier during the winter months but a good moisturizer is a must-have throughout the entire year! My favorite moisturizer would definitely have to be Cetaphil. The formula is rich enough to moisturize my skin, but is still non-greasy which makes it perfect to use during the summer or winter. I cannot live without this product. I take it with me just about everywhere. Sometimes I like to switch it up and I will buy coconut oil which is amazing or cocoa butter. Either way, at all times I own at least one if not all of these products.

Dandruff shampoo

So just like my skin, my scalp gets very dry too. Scalp psoriasis is definitely manageable with the right products. I can never run low on dandruff shampoo. It is a must-have. I really like the T/Sal shampoo, which is over the counter and can be purchased pretty much anywhere like  Walmart or Target. It is great for scalp psoriasis. I also have a prescribed shampoo from my dermatologist that I use too.

A bottle of water

Don’t be shocked. Hydrating your skin is absolutely mandatory when you have psoriasis. The human body is made of more than 50% water. Drinking water allows your skin to retain moisture and can help prevent a flare-up. Water is also extremely beneficial to your overall well-being so drink up!

My favorite jacket

Yes, sometimes I still bring a jacket even on the warmest days. When I experience a flare on my arms it can be very frustrated. I’m not afraid to wear long sleeves during the summer if I have to, but most times I will just bring a jacket along to cover my arms when I need to.

A smile

This may sound cliche but seriously, smile! No one is more aware of your psoriasis than you are. Be confident. Like every flare, it will pass. I always try to keep smiling and remain positive especially if I know that I have all of my items in my “Psoriasis Starter Kit”!

What are some of the things that you can’t go without for your psoriasis?

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